Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Dinner

The bad thing about having so many close birthdays in April in my family is that my own birthday dinner usually gets pushed back to sometime in May. This year was no exception. My brother was having girl drama and rudely chose not to come, despite being the one who was excited as much, if not more than me, for sushi/hibachi. Whatever.

On the way...

My parents took me to my favorite sushi place, Blue Fish. It was fab, as always. Even though I sort of ordered wrong.

My mom gave me her soup & salad since I usually steal my brothers and she didn't really want hers too much anyway. I kinda hate when places give an oniony soup instead of miso, but it was still really good.

I got one of my fave rolls of theirs, the firecracker. It's a tuna roll with different fillings & topped with a couple spicy sauces.

I also really wanted to try the sashimi roll, filled with a variety of fish/shrimp/etc. The only problem is it didn't come wrapped in nori nor with rice. I'm not huge on rice, but the soy paper it came in was kinda meh. Shoulda picked a diff roll or just gotten regular sashimi. Or maybe the ahi tower. CouldaShouldaWoulda. Oh well, the filling was good and now I know for next time. I used pretty much all of the wasabi. On both plates. Yum.

One reason I ordered that roll was for the "chili sauce." See it? Yep, the dot in the center of each piece. How generous ;).

I ordered a hot green tea mid-meal when no cocktails spoke to me, but somehow it went unpictured.

I also had a few bites of hibachi, all was excellent (especially the chicken and vegetables. Shrimp was a little salty....I don't think I've ever had good hibachi shrimp. Weird!)

After a mini photo shoot (see below), we noticed a Yogurtland within walking distance. I've never been, but who am I to turn down perfectly good frozen yogurt?

I know, I look kinda scary. Oh well. Trust me, it was the best of the bunch, lol.

Good thing I didn't, they had taro!!! I got half plain, half taro & topped it with lychee, blueberry, & strawberry. Delish.

Yeah, I kinda ate most of it before remembering to take a pic. You caught me.

It was a low-key celebration, but everything I wanted, so I'm glad it finally worked out.



P.S. I totally just realized both of my sushi rolls came with 7 pieces. Weird! I've only ever seen 6 or 8 before. What's up with that, yo? :-P

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