Sunday, April 17, 2011

Skinny Girl Margarita

April 14

-protein pancake (oats, half a banana, scoop of chocolate whey protein powder, stevia, vanilla coconut milk, flax seed, wheat germ) topped with white choc pb & vegan choc chips
-tribute coffee via with eggnog

I intended to make mini pancakes, but I guess I didn't use enough cooking spray & they stuck all over the skillet. I was able to salvage them, but had to kinda smush them into one big pancake. No biggie. Still tasted great. Kind of like a baked oatmeal/pancake hybrid. Not that I've ever had baked oatmeal (but want to!), but I can just tell. :-P

Watched Kendyll again and had another fun play day.

Let's color!


Ooh, salad break!

Yep this girl eats her salad. Though to be fair, some bites she slurped the dressing off of and then spit out the greens LOL. But she's still a healthy girl and willing to try most things!

She took us to her Kendyll pantry & picked out the sweet potatoes all by herself. And just look at that little smile. Foodie in the making.

I had my lunch, too.

-small salad (organic mixed greens, organic baby carrots, ranch slivered almonds, organic cherry tomatoes, light ranch)
-leftover mexican lasagna

+ a little more I shouldn't have had

Shortly after I put her down for a nap, but that lasted all of 15 minutes. Then this happened.

Yep, still tired, but refused to nap. She took her singing monkey stuffed animal to bed and we kept hearing it sing and dance. And she kept talking to herself. I went in there and patted her head & gave her her bottle and got her settled back down momentarily, but a few min after that she yelled "MY NANAS!!!!" at the top of her lungs & my sensitive Mom couldn't bear but to go rescue her.

Her mama said she slept in late today, so makes sense. Little sneak! Must have known her nanas were coming to play and she needed ample time to make that happen :).

-guac & organic flax seed blue corn tortilla chips
-2 skinny girl margaritas (yes, the official Bethenny Frankel variety, at last!)

I've been looking for this margarita mix for over a year now! Success at last. It was much stronger than I anticipated. I figured it would be really sweet & wine cooler-ish, but you could really smell the tequila. I'm not a margarita girl, so the jury is still out on my thoughts. I don't know if I'll buy it again, but I'll definitely finish the 2 bottles we bought.

-basmati rice topped with mushroom soup topped with 5 veggie meatballs (would have been 6, but 1 dropped on the floor & Buster chomped it right up!)
-handful of haribo gummy bears

All carbed up. And way too full. I wasn't real hungry for dinner, hence the guac & chips snack when it was really dinner time.

Then, by the time I got hungry I just felt like throwing something together quick without thinking. I had made the rice for my Mom earlier, so it was the easiest thing. But my stomach is acting funny again, so blah.



  1. I tried the skinnygirl margarita too. it wasn't my favorite, but not bad enough to where I couldn't drink. I was surprised that it was actually pretty strong!

  2. I just tried to make the homemade version of the Skinnygirl margarita this weekend... I've never seen the bottled stuff!

  3. That oatmael smooshed together pancake concoction looks yummy.

    Baby girl Kendyll is totally adorable. Love that blonde hair!!

    Been wanting to try the Skinny Girl Margarita too. I like tequilla, but not big on original margarita's so I'm curious.

  4. Completely agreed, Lynnette.

    Presleysplate: I've made them homemade before & prefer them that way, but the bottled is fun in a pinch! Doesn't hurt that it's got a cute logo. Im tempted to keep at least one bottle around for decoration LOL

    DaMora: It was really good! Thanks about Kendyll, she's my cousin's little girl and she's a handful but in a good way ;). If you like tequila I'd say the SGM is def worth trying. I like tequila too (just not really margaritas, I'm weird!) and this tastes almost more like a tequila shot than a margarita imo, but I guess I could have gotten a weird batch? The whole bottle was only around $13.99, so worth at least trying once I'd say! It prob yields a good 6 drinks too.