Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bargain Books

April 3

Late breakfast a la La Madeleine!

-scrambled eggs with tobasco
-potato gallete with ketchup (real good)
-french coffee with cinnamon & vanilla stevia

I know, me? Scrambled eggs? But I wanted the crossiant and potato, so I was down. I prefer their scrambled eggs in a crepe with mushroom sauce! But I could be down with ordering this again.

After breakyfast I popped in the Borders that's going out of business soon. Everything was 50-70% off. Much better than when I checked it out when it was closer to 30% (aka when everything on amazon was still cheaper). Of course, most everything I picked out was on the 50% side, not 70%, but hey it's a discount. And they were the last copies of each book, so it was worth it. I double checked to make sure they were still cheaper than amazon. All but one were, but that one was only $2 more & was hard cover (amazon was paperback), so still a good deal. I got 4 books for a lil over $30. Not bad!

I was a little sad all of the good health/fitness/cookbook/memoirs and particularly digital photography books were gone, but c'est la vie. I'm happy with my finds! (FYI I got In Defense of Food, On a Dollar a Day, Keep the Change, & a book from a teenage series I'm too embarrassed to admit to! Ha!) I'll try to remember to review them all as I read them. Right now I'm in the middle of On a Dollar a Day. It's really good! Will explain the premise later, I'm tired now, sowwie.

One thing I thought was kinda interesting was that almost all of the "health" books that were left were based around the theme "never diet again." I guess most people want a quick diet fix and not a book to just teach ya how to live your life. Kinda sad, but oh well..

-last small slice of veggie pizza
-blue sky free jamaican ginger ale (not as good as zevia & made me cough every time I took a sip, but good enough to finish)

Went downstairs later to make dinner with no real plan in mind. When I first got in the kitchen I found some spaghetti noodles just chilling on the counter, still in the strainer. I made an educated guess that they were the leftovers from what someone made and took what they wanted earlier, so I grabbed them and added a little mushroom marinara that was SO bland & had a side salad (organic mixed greens, garlic gold nuggets, ranch flavored almond slivers, dressed with organic olive oil & organic balsamic). Nothing exciting, but got the job done.

-half a container of lemon liberte yogurt + fiber one + granola + sliced organic strawberries on their last leg

Grazed a lil bit more...a small peach, a handful of chocolate chips, etc.

I think the peach was actually before dinner, but whatev.

Just a quick foodie post today. Didn't really do too much. It happens :).


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