Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blowing Bubbles

April 7

Ran in Target before going over to my cousin's to watch Kendyll and picked up a coffee & some other randoms.

-almond and coconut Kind bar (brought this with me)
-venti soy cappuccino

Reesie, my mom, & I waited for the little princess to wake up from her nap!

& when she did she woke up in a SUPER good mood!

First, she was met with early Easter surprises from both her nanas:

We decided to take the chalk outside on the patio!

I'm bored.

Hmm what should we do next???

*Devilish Grin*

I know, nanas...

Let's play bubbles!

Enough of that...

It's snack time!

& Reesie Lovin' time:

+ The rest

She also called me Amanda for the first time! Randomly too! She started calling me "Manda," then she changed and called both my Mom and I "nana," but now I'm a combination I guess :). Cute. She's talking really good now. If you ask her a question she'll either say "No" or "Okay!" and almost always knows what you're asking and answers appropriately as to what she wants or doesn't want to do. And if something bad happens, like a spill or whatever, she goes "OH MY!" haha. She's getting so big!

-a few bites here & there of leftover mexican food

-birthday cake pop

I was STARVING when I ate the Kind bar, but my stomach felt weird and full for no reason all day, so I didn't have a real meal 'til dinner.

-vegan chili with a warmed corn tortilla with vegan butter

Needed more beans, but was pretty good. A little acidic.

-vegan oatmeal cookie, other random bites

-ginger root beer zevia

-more leftover mexican

Grazing day...



  1. Please make some more grocery hauls soon for your Youtube channel! I loved watching them!

  2. Oh. That was previous how u described our day with boo kk
    She's a love bug and u sure captured her emotions
    We love u three Girlies
    Mama. Kk. And reese