Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Six-Oh

April 2

Happy 60th, Mama!

Wow, my Mom is 60. Unreal. Good thing she still looks 40! And acts 12. Mom, I KID! :) Love you.

-spinach & artichoke egg souffle
-3/4 of a strawberry scone
-coffee (1 mug hazelnut with cinnamon, half a mug dark roast with cinnamon)

LIFE CHANGING. I knew Panera's souffles were supposed to be good, but OH. MY. GOD. 500X better than anticipated. And small, but super filling. More please. They are definitely worth getting up for. (And I've had the scone before, but it's pretty breathtaking itself).

Went to chiro and she said the cause of my pain symptoms are still unknown, but suggested a homeopathetic place to look into. They use electrolysis through an accupuncture-like technique to pinpoint your nerves/meridians and pain or something technical like that (clearly I am lacking these smarts to properly explain lol) and work with you to find out what supplements your body is lacking. I don't know. I'm just a little curious. She said as soon as my body starts to get completely aligned it then unravels again for no reason. Trust me, this I know. I'm an anomaly (of pain).


There's a bit of a story about this one....

First, no problems. Finished the rest of the heavy day abs & shoulders. Easy peasy.

(cable shoulder @ 35 lbs...prob should have done 30, but it wasn't a huge thing, ab machine for 10 reps @ 90 lbs, shoulder press @ 45 lbs, side bends @ 45 lbs x 15 reps)

For nearly 2 years I used to just wing it on weights and guess about how much I should lift each time and adjust accordingly. I used to try approximately half of what my Dad was doing and that worked well for awhile, but all of a sudden I significantly increased my strength and that system didn't work quite so well. Then, I started bringing in my cell phone & keeping track via text. Now, most recently, I use the little notes app/feature, which has proved to work out the best. Except...

We did heavy weights (5 reps, 3 sets) this week. Apparently I started using the app the workout AFTER we had first started lifting heavy. So I still had my last chest/back text re: heavy day. Well, when I went to consult my notes I didn't have any re: chest & back, so I went to my text and copy & pasted the last workout I did. I THOUGHT what I was copying was my "regular" day (10 reps, 3 sets). The numbers seemed too heavy (close to what my Dad lifts...& usually I'm still weaker, upper-body wise), but went with it. And struggled.

You see, today was the start of light weights day (15 reps, 3 sets), so I slightly downgraded my weights from what I thought was "regular day." Well. It was heavy. SO basically, I was lifting approx. my regular weight limit....but doing 50% more reps. From the very first back exercise, the second set, I almost passed out. I got really dizzy and woozy. I knew I'd be OK, but it was a crazy feeling. I knew that seemed weird, but still didn't clue in as to why. And kept going, against my Dad's urging to lower it. The third set took me forEVER. I had to keep taking breaks to get all 15 in. But I did it. And didn't pass out.

And then went on to continue lifting too heavy and wondering why I turned into such a weakling!


(iso lateral incline press @ 50 lbs, cable decline/incline press @ 20 lbs...actually too light could do 25, chest press @ 45 lbs then moved down to 40 lbs, then 30 lbs...then I had to call it quits)

-2 small slices of leftover pizza, neither with many toppings left intact

My mom slept until THREE. Pm. I was getting so antsy to give her her last cards and presents! But finally we got to & she loved them. Yay.

For dinner she picked a low key burger bar we recently tried and she really enjoyed.

-cheddar burger (with lettuce, tomato, onion I took off, added avocado which they charged extra for but barely gave me any at all, champagne "mustard" which was actually mayo??)
-sweet potato fries
-side salad with balsamic

Just OK. The actual meat part of the burger wasn't that great, but I'm reaaaaaally picky. Salad was good. Fries good. Again, amount of avocado on my burger=disappointing, but they gave my mom TONS on hers (she gave me some, aww). weird. My Mom loves this place tho and they have cheap, but good drinks (just wasn't in the mood), so it's all good. As long as she was happy! She's the birthday girl, after all.


;). And yes, she did wear it in public today too.

-a tim tam

-a small slice of bday cake

Another great evening. It was no big, elaborate party, but it was still perfect.


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