Sunday, April 17, 2011

Always Behind

April 11


Light day arms & legs continued
15 reps x 3 sets

(overhead tricep press @ 15 lbs, leg extension @ 50 lbs, over/under wrist curls @ 20 lbs, leg curl @ 25 lbs)

-leftovers from Saturday's b-fast
-tribute via coffee with eggnog

Veggie sausage was hiding under there

-indian buffet

Munched on some cheddar tortilla chips while making din-din.

This dinner brought to you by my Mom's request.

-flounder over brown rice in a butter (half vegan half dairy), organic olive oil, lemon juice, white wine sauce with a little greek seasoning & capers
-side salad (organic mixed greens, organic baby carrots, avocado, garlic gold nuggets, fat free feta, ranch almond slivers, black pepper, green tobasco, organic olive oil, organic balsamic)

It did not disappoint.

-samoas ice cream


April 12


-31 min elliptical

-leftovers from Sunday's breakfast
-tribute via with egg nog and stevia

Didn't eat again 'til 3 pm...

-whole foods vegan tofu pad thai

Doesn't this look HUGE for a one serving frozen meal? Only about 300 calories too. I was pleasantly surprised until after I was finished and was still hungry. Weird.

Saying Hi To Kendyll (my Mom was watching her)

She smiled and kissed it. Aww. :)

-a few sips of an izze blackberry "soda"

Not my fave flavor. Tasted too raspberry-y.

-2 curry tofu egg rolls
-salad (organic mixed greens, organic baby carrots, organic celery, a tiny amount of organic cherry tomatoes, garlic gold nuggets, fat free feta, organic olive oil, organic balsamic, ranch almond slivers, snap pea crisps)

-baked nutella & strawberry "egg roll" (baked in an egg roll wrapper)

Obviously I don't follow instructions well. This was supposed to look like an egg roll too, LOL.

-caraway mary's crackers
-1 laughing cow light wedge
-frozen grapes

Normally I don't love the caraway flavor, but this was a great combo.


April 13

-vegan oatmeal raisin cookie

I'm so healthy :).


-chest & back

Regular weights day (aka 10 reps, 3 sets each...but a new routine)

(Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid @ 60 lbs, Pulldown @ 55 lbs, Chest Cable Cross @ 15 lbs, Back Extension @ 115 lbs, Chest Press @ 45 lbs, & Seated Row @ 50 lbs, then 45 lbs, then 40 lbs )

-smoothie in a bowl (1 cup vanilla coconut milk, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder, 1 frozen banana, sprinkle of cinnamon, a few ice cubes, pinch of guar gum, pinch of xanthan gum) topped with a tiny bit of love crunch granola + a tiny amount of chia seeds
-tribute via coffee with eggnog

Smoothie was a little watery, but tastyyy. Usually I use about half that much milk, maybe even less.

Brought lunch, but can never turn down JJ's!

-Jimmy John's tuna on wheat
-a few sips of an iced tea

-pb & chocolate Kind bar

-salad (organic mixed greens, organic baby carrots, avocado, ranch almond slivers, light ranch, black pepper, green tobasco)
-mexican lasagna (corn tortillas, organic chicken, salsa, 2% mexican cheese, pinto beans) topped with a dollop of fat free greek yogurt & green tobasco
-zevia ginger root beer

I was a little heavy handed with the hot sauce on the chicken, but otherwise deeeelish.

-1/3 of a hail merry raw almond butter tart

I hate to say it (even though I think it all the time), but I officially do not like almond butter. I keep trying and trying, but it's just no peanut/cashew/sunflower seed butter. Sigh. Blogger fail :). It's just too dry and salty.

But I'm sure he wouldn't mind taking it off my hands when he wakes up a lil more ;). Just kidding, no chocolate for you, sir!


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