Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spotted Dick

Yep, I went there.

What? It's a traditional British pudding.

Happy Almost Royal Wedding Day.

Time to put my scones in the oven & finish making my tea sandwiches.

No, I'm not joking.

I have NO idea why I care, but alas. It's fun. Too bad I don't have a big, fancy hat.

This would have done the job.

See ya tomorrow with a recap.



Taken from various cameras in no particular order (including food from today)...

leftover lemon brother b-day cakie

lox bagel

cawfee. first fill up = (hot) vanilla hazelnut, second = iced coffs with cinnamon & vanilla stevia. UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE. Try it, if you go to Einstein's and it's hot outside. It's delish and refreshing. BTW, isn't it kind of funny how before Burberry's popularity this would be like a lumber jack type print, but now it just makes me think of the Burberry signature style.

muenster cheese on a cinnamon raisin bagel thin with jam & thinly sliced apple (plus extra a la carte)

Mall sushi: california roll topped with tuna (mediocre) + spicy salmon roll (extra yum)

Hail Merry raw almond butter tart + chai redbush tea with a lil almond milk & stevia. Yeah I use Christmas mugs in late April. What?

pinto bean tacos with the fixin's

skinny girl margarita

salmon pinwheel with roasted red peppers, feta, & spinach & farro (really good!)

lemon Liberte yogurt with organic chocolate o's, love crunch granola, & sliced strawberries

Free Hyatt Place breakfast. Oatmeal with pb, cinnamon, & raisins + fruit

Chicken & Dumplings the way my Mom makes them (the closest I've ever made them to hers! Still not quite there, but almost!)


Oh Which Wich, how I love you so. I used to eat here almost every day for lunch for awhile. I should start again. It's so good. This is one of my faves, the black bean patty. I added cheese for the first time, but it was really just a waste of cals 'cause I couldn't taste it under all the veggies & condiments. Mmm, now I want it all over again. Maybe with avocado this time. Mmm....It was my fave price too (FREE, duh). Thanks birthday coup!

Whole Foods salad goodness. I actually wasn't really in the mood, but I needed some veggies & proper nutrition. Desperately.

Chocolate Date mostly raw "brownie ball" I randomly threw together. Not bad, not bad at all.

chocolate & pb puffins with half a sliced banana + unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Antibiotic/hormone/nitrite/etc free maple turkey lunch meat with an herb & garlic laughing cow wedge, + lots of mustard on hemp toast (brown rice is better, but whatevs)

Can you tell I love salad?

Chocolate hazelnut gelato. My precious.

+ 2 new products I'm LUVIN'.

I don't know why, but I've always been scared of the Quorn line. I think it's the fungi label that threw me off. But goat cheese? C'mon, I had to at least try it. Plus, my brother LOVED the Quorn cheeseburgers I bought (and ate them all) and he's fairly picky, so I had to taste something for myself. DE-FREAKING-LISH. I would have NO idea this wasn't chicken if it was served to me. Unlike the Gardein or other lines that are very chicken-like in taste, but slightly spongey in texture, these are dead on. And really good. My new love. The only kinda weird thing is I don't taste the cranberry at ALL, but that doesn't really bother me either way *shrug*.

I've given you guys mixed reviews thus far on Cedarlane frozen meals. I loved the enchiladas, but hated the spanikopita. Well, once again, it's l-o-v-e. Or at least strong like. This was pretty darn tasty.

What have you guys been eating lately??


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday Bust/Easter Success

As I said, my birthday (April 20) was a bit of a bust (that's an understatement). My Mom got sick, we got in a fight, I got stuck at work all day and nite, it was just a bad day.

The only thing that did go according to plan was my (much needed, as always) massage that morning followed an hour or two later by a sushi lunch (that almost was canceled, but luckily worked out).

I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the miso soup! Oh well.

Kind of my birthday tradition now. We had my b-day lunch there last year too. Me like.

My Dad picked up my cookie cake, even though nobody left their bedrooms to see me after I got home from the office. I took a picture even though I didn't really want it anymore.

My Mom also picked me up a grocery store cookie cake (the one above was Nestle) when she didn't think she'd be able to pick up the ordered one. No pic of that, though.

On Thursday, my Mom checked herself into a hotel to try to recover from her pneumonia where she could rest, have food brought to her (via room service), etc. I stayed home and felt sorry for myself all day. On the plus side, I got my DVR down from 90-something % full all the way down to the 30's or 40's. Crazy! Now that's what I call

My friend Sam was supposed to spend the weekend with me and my fam, but between knowing my Mom & I weren't feeling well (I forgot to mention I had a migraine all day Thursday) & realizing he had a lot of homework, he decided he'd come next weekend instead. Definitely for the best considering all of the fighting (though I'm sure if he came it prob would have been less tense, but ya know!) It all works out how it should.

Friday at work a birthday package arrived.

Don't mind if I do!

Cute, right? My signature sign off. :)

On Friday nite, the madre and I made up and she invited me and my Dad to meet her at the hotel & asked us to take her out to dinner (kind of a mini b-day thing for me, but not my official b-day dinner, which was supposed to occur the following nite). We chose Cru wine bar thanks to the location to the hotel & some leftover Christmas gift cards we had lying around.

Cava Spanish Sparkling Vino

Sample of a cheese plate (not really my thing, but the fig preserves were pretty tasty & the raisin bread)

Seabass with white beans in a ginger mushroom broth

The waiter also bought me another (free!) glass of sparkling wine for my birthday. Thanks, guy!

Unfortunately, mom & I got in a fight (that neither of us can figure out how or why) at dinner and weren't speaking again. Saturday for lunch my Dad was supposed to go with my brother & I to cash in my free Grimaldi's b-day pizza, but he was acting weird so I called him on it (probably not the best timing, since I really wanted that pizza, LOL). He kept walking away, saying he couldn't talk to me, I was irate, etc. When actually I was speaking calm & clearly and he was the one raising his voice. Very head scratching. But it was just one of those things where you can't come to a conclusion so you both end up frustrated. He was stuck in the middle and didn't need to be, but I digress.

Naturally, my Mom and I made up again. She was over-steroided (thanks stupid ER Clinic) and having side effects and couldn't go out (so much for my big birthday party again, right? *sigh* :-P, but I wasn't in the mood anyway, so postponing it was for the best), so we ordered in room service and she had my real birthday cake waiting in the room for me.

chinese chicken salad (pretty good)

butternut squash soup (I had my dad pack half up & take it home for me, but it was realllly good)

Oh my god, so good. It was an opera cake with chocolate jaconde sponge cake, white chocolate mousse, brandied cherries, dark chocolate hazelnut crust, & dark chocolate on the sides. I DIE.

I ended up staying the nite to make sure my mom was OK (she was told to quit taking her predisone cold turkey and she was still shaky, had a little facial numbness, etc). She was also scary sleep deprived and had some hallucinations. Um. Scary. We ordered an overpriced pay-per-view movie & snuggled up. Luckily she dozed off in the middle (though still didn't get a full nite rest *sigh*).

Room service breakfast

Muuuch greasier than I expected. I ate half, then ate the eggs only out of the second half and left the rest. Also, the description made it seem like the eggs would be over easy, but they were cooked through. That was the whole reason I got them!! And I forgot to request dijon mustard, otherwise I prob could have eaten the whole thing. But I'm sure it was calorie-city anyway.

After she woke up, my mom said in her steroid craziness she wasn't sure if she'd be feeling well enough to come home (not sure how that mattered lol not like we were gonna put her to work!), so she had booked a (new) hotel for one final nite. It was a Hyatt Place, mine & her fave chain, & only $55, so instead of canceling it we just decided to make a fun Easter out of it. A restaurant chain I like (the one time I went, anyway...), but nobody in my family will ever go to, is Roy's, that hawaiian seafood place. She offered to have Easter dinner with me there, since it was next door to the hotel. Yes, please!

Not sure what was on here, they just bring edamame to your table, but it was pretty good. Kind of salty and spicy?

Lychee caiprinha, which was terrible. And very very strong. It tasted like rubbing alcohol mixed with lychees.

Macadamia crusted brie. The purpley looking sauce was some raspberry sauce, not sure about the green? But it was good.

Beet salad. It came with my mom's pre-fixe meal and she gave it to me. I ate it all. Except the beets. Ha. I HATE beets (except raw, shredded ones). I took 1 bite of the red beet & (accidentally) ate an entire yellow one (I thought it was fruit). Yep, confirmed. Still disgusting. But the rest of the salad was fresh and yummy.

Corn crab crusted barramundi (which, thanks to evesdropping, I later learned is a type of red snapper, my fave) in a sundried tomato fondue. Again, no idea what that green sauce is. The veggies = roasted fingerling potatoes & sauteed spinach. Tasted much more unhealthy than I anticipated based on the menu description, but was very good. LOVED the tomato sauce.

Duh, who goes to Roy's and doesn't get the hot chocolate souffle? Come on.

Finally, and hopefully, it seems like this storm has passed.