Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome, March!

March 1

Sup March? For being such a short month didn't February kinda drag on?


20 min treadmill at home (7 min running, 13 walking) all on sliiight incline

Before work my Dad and I stopped at 2 of his doctor's offices for various reasons (none of which really got taken care of, but I digress). We waited longer than anticipated and I was staaaaaaahving.

Finallly busted into a snack before my blood sugar plummeted into nothingness...

-freeze dried apple snack

lost that pic somehow...

Have I mentioned I decided I should become an astronaut? Haha not really, but freeze dried food is so fun!

FINALLY got my "breakfast" (served as brunch, really). Hours later.

-Starbucks oatmeal with chocolate peanut butter (I brought) + their dried fruit & nuts
-tall soy misto

Pretty bland. Wish I had time to pack some protein powder to add. But at least it no longer felt like my stomach was eating itself (not that that would necessarily have been a bad I kid). And it was free, holla ('Bux sent me a coup in the mail for a free oatmeal for being part of their reward card program or w/e. Thanks!)

-tea @ le chiro...

I'm always super hungry when I leave the chiro for some reason! (I don't think it's related, just coincidence, but it's always at random hours when it wouldn't usually be meal time).

Ate "dinner" early...

-barley mushroom soup
-a few pieces of indian tofu
-a little channa masala

Soup wasn't great, but the hot bar was.

-the other half of the Zevia ginger ale

Got hungry again, but didn't want anything heavy so I made a big ass salad dumping some red cabbage into the last of the salad container. I forget what else went in there, maybe some olive oil, balsamic, and garlic gold? That sounds about right *shrug*

And I also feasted on some nasty fruit salad (how does one mess up fruit salad, central market? I do not know, but the bananas had the weirdest texture ever!) & a piece of coconut butter fudge

The rest of the week ended up being unexpected, but a lot of fun! Stay tuned...:-P


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