Thursday, March 17, 2011

Found: Photos

Somehow a bunch of my pics from a previous post appeared in my iPhoto library that I thought disappeared. WEIRD.

Didn't want them to go to waste, so...

Veggie burger with guac & all the fixin's! + sliced apple + side salada

Aaand a few bbq pop chips for good measure (promise a burger is in there somewhere!)

Oats with chocolate chips, granola, & cashew butter + coffeeeeee

Fake "meat" tacos

Sweet potato pancakes with egg white puff topped with apple butter + cinnamon & coffeeeee

Gardein teriyaki "beef" with wild veggie rice


Van's chocolate muffin crown with vanilla ice cream both topped with walden farms caramel & cinnamon

Fried egg & cheesy breakfast potatoes

Cawfee with a lil frothed vanilla coconut creamer (and stevia, but that goes w/o saying)


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