Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dirt Truck

March 14


half of arms & legs

(squats @ 100 lbs, tricep extension @ 40 lbs, calf raises @ 45 lbs + machine weight, bicep curls @ 40 lbs)

After the gym this truck filled with dirt was in front of us 99% of the way home and was giving my dad a mini panic attack. He was breathing all crazy and everything, in fear. He had some irrational freak out that if he got too close the dirt would come pouring out all over us. WTF? Haha.

Since I forgot a pre-gym snack (hate when I do that!), I had the biggest breakfast of all time. (OK, OK, I was planning to eat all this anyway, but whatever)

-leftover egg white spinach & cream cheese omelet with green tobasco & a lil ketchup + the rest of the potatoes
-cheese grits
-dunkin donuts hazelnut coffee (+ when I got home I added a lil vanilla coconut milk creamer & english toffee stevia)

It seemed a lot bigger than it looks there. *shrug*

-leftover tuna salad
-the last of the raw red pepper macadamia dip
-1 slice of brown rice toast + a handful of almond wheat thins + raw broccoli for dippage

Not huge on the raw broc, but the rest was fabu. The tuna got wayy better after sitting and melding flavors for a couple days. Noted.

-peppermint chocolate luna bar

Clearly I only post flattering pics. Riiight!

We were supposed to have a business dinner at a swanky restaurant I've been dying to try for, literally, like 6 years, but it was canceled. Lame. Next time.

Here's a mirror pic of my intended dinner outfit. Don't mind the face. I was EXHAUSTED.

Can these shoes do no wrong?!

Swoon. My chiropractor probably wants to kill me.

Too bad they cost 8 million dollars and I've only worn them 3 times since buying them last September. And even worse, as of the 2nd time they already have some little holes in the suede in the back. WTF, Louboutin?! I wonder/hope it can be fixed. *sigh* The imperfections aren't noticable, I don't think. But *I* know they're there! HMPH!

Worked nearly 9 hours (oh, Monday) & then came home and made dinner (AND later, dessert). *yawn*

-1 small piece of italian panko breaded and baked flounder topped with "special sauce" (veganaise, ketchup, & a tiny bit of dill relish)
-roasted potatoes (with extra sauce)
-roasted broccoli (duh, with sauce too)

-2 mini pizzerts (made them in a cupcake tin....3 minis = 1 full serving) topped with white choc pb & dark choc pb & a few choc chips
-decaf coffee with stevia

I also used a lil protein powder this time in the pizzert recipe. I still think it needs some tweaking for my pizzert base. It's a little too healthy and dense tasting. I want a little sweeter and gooier (that spelling looks weird! But I guess it's correct...anyway...). But honestly, once the pb glides on who notices anything else?!

I love white chocolate pb so much. SO much.


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