Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sprinkles Cupcake Monster

March 27

-2 handfuls of chocolate hazelnut granola


-40 min treadmill (15 min jogging, 25 walking on slight incline)

-good grains bagel with cream cheese, lox, capers, tomato, red onion, & egg white
-vanilla hazelnut coffee with vanilla stevia & cinnamon

Most frustrating ordering experience EVER. All I did was order a lox bagel and asked them to add egg whites. Somehow that was insanely complicated and they messed up the order 3 times, overcharged us by $8, messed up my Dad's food, ordered me TWO meals (both wrong), etc. I won't make that mistake again. For shame, because it was really good! Oh well. Not worth it, lol.

-2 leftover overstuffed shrimp fajitas
-zevia ginger root beer

-1/2 of a Sprinkles lemon cupcake
-1/2 of a Sprinkles carrot cake cupcake
-1/2 of a Sprinkles vanilla cupcake

Holy deliciousness cupcake, Batman. And all for FREE! In all my family scored 12 free cupcakes. That's $42 worth. WOW.

The Sprinkles mobile has been making its way around Dallas and finally made it to my little neck of the woods. OK, so it's not so little. But still. Their fbook boasted the first 250 customers received free cupcakes. I assumed you'd get 1 free and be able to buy ay additional ones you wanted. Nope, they're all free and the lady was generous and let you pick your own number. I blurted out 6 and she said no problem. So we sent my Mom right back for 6 more. Haha we're terrible. But talk about soooooooooo worth it. Usually I think Sprinkles are good, but not great. But these are great. Oh yeah.

-a handful of pretzel thins right before bed with 2 bites of hummus


March 28

My cat had to go to the vet to get his teeth cleaned (and they have to put them under anesthesia to do so), so we skipped the workout. My poor baby boy!!!

I felt especially bad because he kinda knew what was up and kept hiding under my bed. The first time I had to drag him out by his legs and I felt soo mean. Then my Dad accidentally let him out of his bag!! UGH. So the second time he REALLY caught on, duh, and I had to kind of poke him out using a broom. You guys, before I put my cat under anesthesia I poked him with a stick. WHO AM I?????

-leftover SUPER SPICY veggie migas + 1 whole wheat tortilla
-leftover rosemary roasted potatoes with ketchup
-lil bit o' pumpkin spice coffee with slightly froth vanilla coconut milk (fyi: coconut milk doesn't really froth)

-indian buffet

+ a liiiiittle more

Can't take him anywhere...

When I first got home Henry wouldn't give me the time of day, but by evening...

Reunited and it feels so goooooood. ;)

But this lil boy had bad allergies. :(. My poor guys! What a rough day. Look at his lil squinty eye, awww

-gluten free tuna casserole with black pepper & green tobasco
-salad (organic mixed greens, shredded cabbage, organic baby carrots, garlic gold nuggets, light ranch, ranch almond slivers, black pepper, green tobasco)
-leftover mango Kombucha

-4 large organic strawberries topped with a tiny bit of neopolitan ice cream
-1/2 of a Sprinkles lemon cupcake
-1/2 of a Sprinkles carrot cake cupcake
-1/2 of a Sprinkles vanilla cupcake

For those keeping count that is 3 cupcakes in 2 days. Holla.

My carb/sugar intake is a leeeeetle out of control.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rest Day, Insatiable, & Skinny Girl Feast

March 24

If I didn't mention before, I'm taking Thursdays off for a few weeks. Not leaving the house. I'm on the go nonstop daily and need a little recovery time.

I was actually planning to work out in the am, but, err slept in until 11, YIKES.

Watched TV in bed for awhile & then finally got myself down the stairs to eat.

-side salad (organic mixed greens, a little goat cheese, garlic gold nuggets, slivered ranch flavored almonds, light ranch)
-about 1/3 of a mug of green tea

while my real lunch heated through in the oven...


Meh. Their enchildas ruled, but this was WAY WAY too oniony. No thank you. IDK why I ate it all? And once again claimed to be 2 servings when it's clearly not. *shrug*

I watched a movie with my brother, a Swedish film called Let the Right One In. It was pretty good. Better than I expected from his type of taste, LOL.

While our cleaning lady was in my room I hung out with this pretty Princess:

We watched a little more tv followed by making my brother watch a movie of my choice, Food Inc.

It was pretty good, but I think I expected more? IDK. At least I FINALLY saw it.

But I became exhausted again. Weird. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer & took a nap. Geeeez. My stomach had been hurting too. And I had a weird headache. I wonder if it's because I had no coffee? Hope not. I also blame the spanikopita :-P

-small coke
-faux chicken parm sandwich (brown rice toast, faux chicken patty, marinara, sundried tomato laughing cow)
-sliced apple
-a couple hershey's mini eggs

I don't know why I always want coke when I don't feel great. Weird. At least this was a tasty one. It always sucks to crave a crappy coke & then get one that has no flava.


March 25

-2 sweet potato pancakes with white choc pb, apple butter, & maple syrup drizzle
-half a cup of pumpkin spice coffee with hazelnut coconut creamer
-about 1/3 of a mango Kombucha

Still hungry after. Hate that!

-iced tea with vanilla stevia

-organic salmon frozen meal with brown rice, quinoa, & veggies

The salmon was just meh. The rest was a little better. Wouldn't buy again, but did have great stats and ingredients.

Again, still hungry. What's up with that?

-2 raw coconut macaroons

Lookie who got a hair cut?

Actually, all the dogs did. They look amaaaaaaaaazing.

Went for another girls nite din-din with mi madre.

-2 vodka grapefruit's
-2 lobster & shrimp tacos with a citrus sauce + 2 kinds of hot sauce
-a few bites of black beans and white rice (seriously who serves white rice with tacos? It was pretty terrible)
-shot glass chocolate mousse dessert

It was all just OK. The tacos were double wrapped. First a hard shell covered by a soft (altho it was toasted too, so not exactly pillowy). 2 tortillas= VERY unnecessary, imo. NOW, had they added refried beans or something in between the two, then we'd be talking. But just to add them to add them? Weird. But I was starving and with no sides I could eat, I polished them off. Easily.

The waiter also saw me taking a pic and asked what it was for. Busted. LOL. Usually I'm so discreet! No big thang. But kinda embarassing lol even if he said it was cool.


March 26

-about 1/4 of an order of vegetarian migas (1 whole wheat tortilla, a few bites of egg whites with veggies, a few bites of rosemary roasted potatoes) with ketchup & tobasco
-1 mug of bourbon pecan coffee, half a mug of hazelnut creme coffee, half a mug of b52 coffee aka kahlua all with vanilla stevia


-heavy lifting arms & legs YAY my fave

5 reps/3 sets each:

(tricep press @ 60 lbs, squat @ 120 lbs, under & over wrist curls @ 45 lbs, calf raises @ 70 lbs, bicep curls @ 55 lbs which was a little too high but I did it, leg extension @ 100 lbs, overhead tricep press @ 27.5 lbs, leg curl @ 65 lbs which seemed alllllmost high, and hammer curls @ 20 lbs)

Got new shoes at Tar-Jay. Look just like the Loubie version I've always lusted for.

-about 1/4 of a real sugar throwback mountain dew

Eh, nothing to write home about. Who knew it was made with orange juice?

For dinner we had a rarity: my whole fam went out together. We went to Cristina's and ate tex-mex out on the patio. Perfection.

Self-portraits on the way there...yes, I get bored easily.

classic moi
A little better
Yep, I wore 'em right away. Wouldn't you?! They're half a size too big, but when they're this pretty who really cares? LOL

-2 skinny girl margaritas
-a billion chips with salsa
-2 shrimp fajitas that were WAY too salty with borracho beans, spanish rice, pico, sour cream, guac, & corn tortillas
-1 bite sized flauta dipped in queso

Way too much food! Oops.

I just realized we have almost no family pics, especially recent ones. We should get on that.