Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Successful Weekend

February 12

-mushroom, asparagus, swiss & egg white on a wheat bagel thin with a spicy tomato spread
-stevia-d coffee

-fiber one oats & strawberry bar


-finished chest & back
-arms & legs

I beat my dad weight-wise on most of the legs. I kick asss. Yo.

-trail mix

Walmart (ugh) had these trail mix bags + the fiber one bars on sale when you first walk in. I took the bait. I actually bought TWO boxes of the trail mix. I knew the fiber one ingredients (so-so), but didn't think to look at these. WTF? I ALWAYS check labels. Well, of course these are HORRIBLE. They taste fine, but they're full of dyes and chemicals. WHY? It's trail mix. I guess I'll finish them, but will be making my own from now on. Sheesh.

Anyone know why food dyes are in so many things? I don't understand the point? So gross. Especially for things where the color doesn't matter, or if anything makes the item look worse. Or the same. Whatever.

-hawaiian bbq chicken
-2 side salads w/ italian
-most of my brother's macaroni salad

Went to see the Roomate after. I know it's gotten horrid reviews, but I really wanted to see it.

OK. I don't understand the hate. I'm not saying it's a cinematic masterpiece, but considering the trailer, it's EXACTLY what you should go in expecting. I don't see how people are leaving and finding it so awful? If you thought the trailer looked good, that's basically what the movie was. Come on. Again: Whatever.

-cookies & cream dippin dots


February 13

When I woke up I was really hungry, but fell back asleep for a few more minutes and when I got up I was no longer hungry. Weird. I made myself eat a small snack anyway to help power through my workout.

-fiber one oats & strawberry bar

Upon second glance at the ingredients list I realized the "strawberries" are actually sugared up cranberries. Why not just use real strawberries? Or call it a cranberry bar? Dumb.


-45 minutes elliptical with a tiiiiny bit of resistance (juuust under 4 miles. Went 6-7.5 mph for most of it, well OK 6-6.5 for most, but 7.5 for some :-P)

Ate a little less than half of my breakfast order which included:

-sweet breads (2 pieces)
-2 monterrey enchildas (egg whites, & cheese inside flour tortillas, 1 topped with queso, 1 topped with salsa + obvi I slathered tabasco all over)
-a small side of black beans
-breakfast potatoes with tabasco & ketchup
-3 cups of realllly good & strong coffee with stevia

YUM Breadwinners. And patio-dining to boot. My loves!

They have my favorite restaurant coffee, I think. As I told my Dad that, not even a minute later a woman at the table next to us sent hers back for being too strong. LOL. Wimp! :)

-strawberry banana smoothie with half a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder

While I sipped the smoothie I made my brother homemade "healthy hot pockets" out of organic biscuit dough + fillers. Trying my best to help him with his cholesterol. We'll see how that goes. Prob not great. But every little bit helps, eh?

-mom's spaghetti

-half of a snickers peanut butter bar

I'm really tired.


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