Friday, February 11, 2011

Addicted to Crepes

February 9

Another snow day. Ohh yeah.

Dad made us breakfast!

-slow cooked oats (I added raisins, dried apples, cinnamon, maple almond butter, & strawberry rhubarb jam)
-strawberry shortcake coffee with stevia

-spaghetti with lean italian turkey meat & mushroom marinara + capers & kalamata olives

It was OK, but I don't really like the pre-seasoned italian ground turkey.

-a bite or two of peppermint bark

-mexican lasagna I made up that was amaaaaaaaaazing (corn tortillas, shredded chicken mixed with salsa, hot sauce, & taco seasoning, black beans, salsa, shredded cheese)
-1 miller lite

So so good. I forgot to add the greek yogurt & guac, but it was still goooooood. Def going into my dinner rotations!

-crepe filled with a filling I made sauteeing organic chopped pear, cinnamon, honey, xylitol, & lemon juice + a little vanilla ice cream
-chocolate hazelnut tea with stevia

A little too much cinnamon, but otherwise great. And gave me an awesome idea for an upcoming dessert...

February 10

I was anticipating an ice day, but was let down. Darn! I really wanted just one more snuggle-y winter day. Oh well. At least it was a watch Kendyll day and not a work-work day.

-yogurt mess (mango chobani, sliced strawberries, kamut puffs, granola, vegan chocolate chips)
-strawberry shortcake coffee with stevia

Really good. I'm predominantly a plain yogurt girl, but as far as sugary flavors go the new chobani's are great. Who am I kidding? Any chobani is great!

-leftover mexican lasagna topped with guac
-side salad with organic romaine, organic baby carrots, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, lime vinaigrette, black pepper
-chopped strawberry & organic pear

-the last of the pomegranate glazed cashews I found in my purse
-chocolate pb packet


Snacky, takes a lot of energy to keep up with a toddler :). And actually, for her, she was pretty subdued!

Me and ReRe (aka Reesie)

she's already a tabloid junky

That hair....LOL. Gotta love it.

-mini truffle dq blizzard

Damn my brother! He wanted DQ for dinner. So much for watching his cholesterol. Normally I resist, as I prefer less chemically ice creams, thankyouverymuch, but how could I not try a truffle ice cream? C'mon now. It was VERY rich. I'd have been MORE than satisfied with just 2 bites, but alas I finished it. Barely.

-stevia roasted broccoli, cauliflower, & sweet potatoes
-roasted zucchuni with cheese
-cornbread stuffing with apples, celery, & golden raisins
-small greek seasoned pork chop

I don't really like pork chops, but this was pretty good.


February 11

-cereal (half fiber one half special k protein with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, golden raisins, black raisins, & half a sliced banana + half a packet of raw stevia)
-strawberry shortcake stevia coffee

-2 splits of champagne
-salad with grilled shrimp

I love that salad. The shrimp was a little salty today, though.

BJ's Happy hour/late lunch/early dinner with my mom & friend/coworker. Yummy.

-small bowl of leftover spaghetti & sourdough

-bananas foster crepe (bananas sauteed with a tiny bit of butter, brown sugar, and xylitol with a splash of malibu rum inside a warmed crepe topped with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon)

It was alright.

Oh. Right. I licked the plate clean. Twice.

It felt like I ate a LOT today, but I guess not really.

Elvis Dog says g'nite:


So does Genie

They sure love their lil tongues! Especially her. It's ALWAYS out lol.


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