Thursday, February 24, 2011

Return of the Indian!

February 21


abs & shoulders

Forgot to eat a pre-workout snack. I was so hungry!

-the other half of my breakfast sandwich with grey poupon
-strawberry shortcake coffee with vanilla stevia

-indian buffet

FINALLY the return of the indian!! It did not disappoint.

And yes I ate all that was pictured. What? :-P. To be fair the second plate is salad-plate sized. And the only carb was the smallest possible piece of naan + a lot of it was sauce. But hey, even if it wasn't, who cares? ;) It's delicious Indian food!!

Went to the chiro & drank a bunch of her hot tea in the waiting room, as usual.

First green tea, then breathing tea.

-half an order of chinese shrimp with vegetables
-single small order of panda express' firecracker chicken
-side salad (that was meant for lunch before I knew it was back to indian food Monday!)

-warmed sugar free chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, a sprinkle of granola, & cinnamon


February 22

-handful of chocolate o's + handful of love crunch granola


-32 minutes cross ramp

-greek yogurt with a little more of both of the above cereals + sliced strawberries
-dunkin d's pumpkin spice coffee with english toffee stevia (the bag o' coffee was on sale for less than 4 bucks! who could say no to that?)

LOL like my matching dishes? Riiight!

With a side of

Oh, my love.

-leftover spanikopita, potatoes, & green beans
-side salad (organic mixed greens, red cabbage, chopped sweet pepper, avocado, grey poupon, lemon juice, garlic expressions vinaigrette)

-honey graham clif z-bar with 80 cal pack of honey pb

-leftover Grimaldi's pizza slice
-side salad (organic mixed greens, red cabbage, avocado, garlic gold, goat cheese crumbles, banana peppers, organic balsamic vinegar, organic olive oil + I added mixed nuts at the last second)
-pellegrino aranciata

-vanilla ice cream mixed with cinnamon & cocoa powder + topped with too many cadbury eggs and 2 chopped up biscoff cookies

Did you know Walmart sells biscoff cookies now? Dangerous! I almost ordered some off, but forgot. I still want to try the spread. Yum.

Little Baby Bear all snuggled up on the couch with her grandma

LOL she even went under the covers and everything. Love muffin!


February 23

-chocolate chip clif z-bar


-last of the abs & shoulders
-beginning of the chest & back

-2 sweet potato waffles with laughing cow wedge + organic veggie sausage
-pumpkin spice coffee with a splash of organic unsweetened almond milk + english toffee stevia

-jimmy john's "unwich" (wrapped in lettuce instead of bread) with turkey, roast beef, sprouts, avocado, tomato, extra dijon mustard
-large dill pickle

SO. GOOD. The only other time I had the lettuce wrap it was WAY too lettucey, but they wrapped this one great. If anything they could have stuffed it with more fillings. But it tasted awesome.

-bag of Jimmy John's chips

My Dad forgot to pick up my chips (grr!), so when my coworker friend ordered JJ's for herself later she kindly asked them to throw my bag in :)

-strawberry kombucha

-cup of tortilla soup

Only the best presentation for this girl!

-1 small porkchop + basmati rice in a mushroom sauce

-a lil vanilla ice cream mixed with cocoa powder + 1 tsp cinnamon raisin pb

Yeah, it looks ugly. Deal with it :)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

House Fire

February 19

-half of a fiber one bar


-arms & legs (sans calves--still crazy sore from the vibrams)

Went to chiro appt. I was in BAD shape. Again. I got some relief from the chiro after the first session, but a day and a half later and I was maybe even worse than before.

-a few bites of sweet breads
-herbed salmon eggs benedict with hollandaise on the side
-3 cups of coffee with vanilla stevia

Deeeeeeeeelish. I'm telling you, Breadwinners never lets you down. And my Mom came with my Dad and I! That's a rarity right there. And quite nice, I must say!

Then I helped my Dad pick out a new pair of glasses. Something he's been meaning to do since AUGUST. A little late, huh? But he got a GREAT deal.

-one bite of cookie cake (how do we still have any left? My whole fam is OBSESSED)

Grimaldi's sent us a free coupon for a large pizza for my Dad's bday. YES PLEASE.

-3 slices of ny pizza with ricotta, meatballs, & mushrooms
-about 1.5 glasses red wine

Out of this world. I love NY pizza. Clearly, as I ate enough for 2 people. LOL. :-x. I just wish they loaded on the toppings more. I feel like I'm always bitching about money/value on here LOL, but seriously for what they charge for toppings, you should actually get TOPPINGS not just a hint here and there.

-one scoop of cookies & cream in a waffle cone

Terrible. Tasted super grainy. WTF. I had really been looking forward to it too. Lame.

Saw the new Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston movie, Just Go With It. It was really funny and cute. Adam Sandler has been pretty disappointing since the 90's classics, but he pretty much redeemed himself here.

I can't believe I had (basically) no vegetables today. That's crap! To be fair, I begged my Dad to share a salad with me at dinner, but he declined. But I still should have figured something out, yo! Sorry, body.

As I was going to sleep I heard some concerned yelling & chaos. It turned out my parents room was on fire, particularly a large pillow + part of the mattress. It was pretty horrible. My Mom & I scooped up the dogs, called 911, and waited outside while my Dad kept dumping water on the pillow that was in flames. My parents had a fire extinguisher in their room, unfortunately it was either too old or simply didn't work. :-\. We tried to encourage my Dad to leave too, but he refused, which probably ended up for the best as nerve wracking as it was, or the whole room could have burned. I was pretty worried and even went back in once to check on him to make sure he hadn't passed out, but luckily he had the fire out at that point juuust before the firemen came in to deal with the excess smoke.

Luckily the bed was the only real damaged item and no people or animals were hurt. Thank God.

My Dad spent about 2 hours cleaning up the aftermath to perfection, my Mom vacuumed the soot downstairs, while I soothed the pets who were fairly traumatized (but thankfully mostly well behaved, VERY well behaved for them, while we were dealing with the fire department and stuck in the front yard for a good hour).


February 20

I woke up too sore from holding the dogs (especially our littlest dog who couldn't weigh over 6 lbs, who knew holding a 6 lb weight for an hour was SO debilitating...sheesh!), so I skipped working out. Plus I slept in a little & prob wouldn't have had time anyway. No biggie.

Went to Sam's Club & this was the first thing that caught our eye. You better believe we bought them.

Used yet another b-day coupon to have breakfast at Mimi's. Woohoo for birthday lovin'.

-a few bites of my dad's honey bran muffin
-half of a ciabatta breakfast sandwich (ham, egg, cheddar, garlic sauteed spinach, tomato, citrus remoulade)
-1 2-bite piece of pineapple + like 5 grapes
-vanilla stevia'd coffee
-small grapefruit juice

I like how they charge a dollar to change your potatoes to fruit, but give you like 3 bites of fruit :-P. /sarcasm. See, there I go bitching about value again LOL. But it's always true!!

I know the sandwich was a fairly unhealthy choice, but whatever it was tasty. And I only ate half anyway. Tomorrow it's going to be slathered in grey poupon. And it's going to be amazing.

-super small bowl of chocolate o's (an organic version of chocolate cheerios) with a tiny bit of organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Glorious! I've been looking for these EVERYWHERE for at least a month and finalllllly found them today at Walmart of all places. My Dad prob wasn't happy about it b/c I kept pinching him in delight. HAHA. I figured they wouldn't be worth the wait since most things never are, but these are goood! Yay! Although I do kind of think they taste more like marshmallows than chocolate. Weird, right? But still magically delicious.

-coconut mango Kevita probiotic drink

Went with both my parents to the Sleep Number store where they bought a new bazillion dollar bed with a bazillion features. Can you say jealous? Their features alone cost about 6x the cost of my current mattress LOL. Ah well, clearly they needed something nice...

-side greek salad
-cup of avgolemono soup (aka greek lemon rice soup)
-like maaaaybe 1/4 of a piece of spanikopita + 2 bites of greek potatoes & maybe 1/3 of a side of greek green beans
-1 greek beer

Deeeeelish.Usually the meals only come with soup OR salad, but both my Mom and I wanted one of each. Just call us McFeasters! I eat out WAY too often, but it sure is tasty! And now I have breakfast and lunch tomorrow to kinda repeat the bad-ish eating cycle. Ha.

-sugar free cake slice

WHAT a weekend. Not exactly stress-free. But overall a good time, scary-ness aside.