Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Worst Pics Ever lol

January 10


-half set of arms & legs (my fave)

-nonfat chobani greek yogurt mixed with fiber one, molasses pecan granola, raisins, pumpkin, & stevia
-christmas blend via with lowfat egg nog

Had a dr appt, but rescheduled & went to work all day. & it didn't feel tooo much like a dreadful Monday. Yay. But ugh, when I called to reschedule, receptionist acted like I was so weird for requesting my appointment be changed to any Monday. How is that a strange request? She kept laughing her ass off and saying "well that's unusual." Having a preference for a day that's easier to go to an appointment is unusual? Who knew? :-P

My Dad ended up having a lunch session, so no Indian Food Monday for us. *tear* However, I went out to lunch with my new co-worker & that worked out really well (got to go over some group stuff and I think we made it much better!)

-jimmy johns on wheat (turkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado, provolone, sprouts, dijon mustard)
-ridiculous amounts of unsweetened iced tea

didn't feel like bringing up the blog or trying to covertly take pics. Imagine a reallly huge & tasty sandwich & there ya go.

After work, I went with my Mom to Run On to be fitted for some new sneakers & decided to get a new pair myself. I'm pretty sure mine have passed the 6th month mark or at least are getting close? I'll prob still wear them on weights days, but wanted to update my cardio pair! I hope the new pair works out. The only annoying thing is, the person who fitted me measured me as an 8 wide. Which I know is correct, HOWEVER, I told her that last time they fit me & I bought a pair of wide's I had to bring them right back as they were way too wide. And I generally find that despite having wide feet, wide shoes rarely work on me. She assured me when she brought out the sneakers to try on that none were wide. Lo and behold, I get home and she sold me the wides! WTF?! I'm gonna give them a try, but come on. Who does that? Plus, she said the shoes run really small, so she sold me a 9.5 That seems weird too, but again, just walked in them for like...a minute they do feel pretty comfy. So..we'll see.

Tried on a few workout shirts too, which I am in DIRE need of. Unfortunately, the only have a small selection and all were overpriced and unflattering. Bummer. Headed up to Academy & tried on 10-20 shirts. I bought 2. I guess for me that's good, and the prices were right, but ughh I can't wait 'til the day I can try stuff on and it will ALL look good, LOL.

I was planning on having my mom's chili for dinner, but she pulled into the mcdonalds parking lot & I was curious about their new offering...

-mcdonalds fruit & maple oatmeal

This tasted really good (if a little too sweet). When it first came out I was pretty disgusted. They didn't mix it at ALL and it was just brown water floating on top. So gross. But a little mixing turned it into happiness. The chunks of real, fresh-tasting apple were awesome. Too bad I realized directly after eating, it had THIRTY-TWO grams of sugar. Basically a soda. And I know a soda contains approx. 10 teaspoons of sugar. GROSS. I'd order it again in a pinch, but because of the sugar content I'll be careful.

-sampled my mom's extra lean turkey chili with a few blue tortilla chips (prob ended up eating about 1/3 of a serving?)

Hey, I'd been looking forward to it all day. I couldn't just bypass it entirely!

-a little bit of buttermilk pie (gave half of what's pictured to my mom)
-2 clementines (minus what Bella ate!)

I decided I did want to have a little pie tonite, but after a few bites I was more than content. As Bethenny Frankel always says, the 10th (or whatever) bite isn't as good as the first. As soon as I was going to eat it just because it was there, not because I was still nom-noming over it, I stopped. Love that.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,305
Steps Taken: 7,688

Clearly I didn't use my DSLR today.


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