Thursday, January 20, 2011

Short & Sweet (OK, maybe just short lol)

January 19


-heavy lifting day of chest & back

-2 slices of chocolate cherry wheat toast with pb
-part of a mug of coffee with unsweetened almond milk & vanilla stevia

-side salad (organic mixed greens, matchstick carrots, a litttle goat cheese, light ranch, black pepper)
-amy's tofu lasagna

-vanilla rooibos tea

-2 slices of "pizza" (brown rice bread, pizza sauce, goat cheese crumbles, basil, oregano, garlic gold, black pepper, artichoke hearts, sliced tomato, a little spinach)

-chocolate vitatop with pb

-the rest of the pomegranate kombucha

January 20


-32 min cross ramp

-spinach artichoke egg mcmuffin (toasted sourdough english muffin, egg white puff, whipped cream cheese, sauteed spinach, 2 artichoke hearts, grey poupon)
-medium dunkin donuts hazelnut coffee no cream no sugar w/ 2-3 drops vanilla stevia

-Jimmy John's vegetarian sandwich on wheat with dijon mustard instead of mayo

-1 stuffed pepper (brown rice, poached chicken, black beans mixed with a sprinkle of taco seasoning and some salsa) topped with greek yogurt

-chocolate vitatop with pb and pumpkin pie spice
-chocolate hazelnut decaf tea with 3 drops of vanilla stevia

How are these only 100 calories (well, the vitatop)?! Still in lurrrve after all this time.

Both days I pretty much worked all day & watched tv at nite and passed out. So. Tired. (well I did pop in Hobby Lobby yesterday to acquire some b-day present supplies. Will go into more detail later).

To those of you who watch the CW show (shuttup) Life Unexpected, who else had no idea it was being canceled? I'm SO disappointed! The series finale was pretty cute, but ugh it had so much potential! Boo.

Well, my lower back is realllly starting to hurt & it's prob time to prepare for bed, so I'll keep this short.



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  1. You're making me a bday present? Why thank you!! ;) LOL jk. OMG I KNOW, so disappointed about Life Unexpected being canceled. I meant to ask if you watched that, and had seen the last ep. So dumb how it was off the air for a month or two and then they have ONE more (2 hr) ep to wrap it up. You could tell the ending was thrown together like they said "oh shit, we're probably getting canceled, need to do a 2 min series finale". It made me so mad!! Why do CW shows we like keep getting canceled? :( I still miss that show about the sisters (wtf was it called.. Related maybe?) and Gilmore!