Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Serving Bowl Salad & Delightful Turkey Sandwiches

January 3


-3 or 4 min treadmill
-half a set of arms & shoulders

-breakfast sandwich (made with one slice of sourdough cut in half, one kraft single, 1 fried egg, a little leftover ham, grey poupon)
-apple slices
-christmas blend coffee via with english toffee stevia

My tea kettle was in the sink for some reason, so I quickly heated up some water in the microwave for heated water. Um. The handle broke off. WTF. I loved that mug *tear*

-salad (organic mixed greens, organic spinach, sweet peppers, matchstick carrots, light ranch, garlic gold, black pepper)
-leftover kale & black eyed peas
-leftover ham

taxes suck

Eaten with my hands, as we didn't have any forks in the office. shh. I kept looking around to make sure no one came in the waiting room LOL. (OK, I used a spoon for the black eyed peas)

-brownie clif z-bar

-small gelato (half red velvet half donatello aka chocolate hazelnut)

The red velvet was ok and I even had a sample first, but as I ALWAYS say after, shoulda gone for 100% donatello. SO freaking amazing.

-yesterdays leftovers....pretty much the same thing, but 2 kabobs instead of 1

-a few peppermint bark pretzels

-clementine + piece of pineapple

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 6,596


January 4

-greek yogurt parfait (greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin and stevia, graham cracker organic cereal, molasses and pecan granola, & blueberries)
-caramel via coffee mixed with eggnog (oh so tasty)

-half of a turkey sandwich with cranberry cinnamon goat cheese, a little grey poupon, & organic mixed greens on sourdough
-pineapple spears

Tar-jay time!

don't worry, we didn't let her stay in the back of the cart

Although we were our usually giggly girl selves, she was a little cranky, so we nixed our original park plans and instead went home to play with the new dancing monkey!

ReRe, her doggie, got a monkey too. Yay dollar section! lol

-the other half of the sandwich
-salad (organic mixed greens, organic spinach, sweet peppers, matchstick carrots, light ranch, garlic gold, black pepper)
-apple slices

Blues Clues, Sesame Street, and couch dancing? Don't mind if we do!

Another fairly exhausting day, but this time I managed to force myself to make dinner (last nite I just couldn't do it). Eaten while watching Biggest Loser. I love you, Jillian.

-HUGE taco salad (organic mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, a little homemade guac, sour cream, shredded cheese, salsa, light ranch, hot sauce, green hot sauce, turkey taco meat crumbles, blue corn flax chips shredded up)

Yes, that's a serving bowl. And I ate it all, too.

-slice o' pumpkin pie

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 6,786


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