Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stressed & Tired

January 12


-rest of the arms & legs

My right tricep was still sooo sore, but I pushed through.

-a few bites of a yogurt mess (0% chobani, pumpkin, & stevia topped with raisins, fiber one, granola, cacao nibs)
-about 3/4 of a mug of christmas blend topped with frothed unsweetened almond milk mixed with a little vanilla extract

Barely got to eat before my massssage!

Still in pain after :(. But much better. Maybe one day I won't be in severe pain all day every day. A girl can dream...

-sweet & spicy hot tea

Office was pretty stressful today. I didn't even eat lunch? breakfast? 'til almost 4 pm.

-grilled chicken with hummus
-rice pilaf
-greek salad

Didn't even bother to heat any of it up by this point.

-2 clementines
-1 grapefruit

-vegan boca burger on toasted sourdough eng muffin with kraft single, mustard, & a pickle half
-veggie sticks

Couldn't find anything to eat, so ended up with this. Not quite as random as I figured it would turn out.

-the rest of the yogurt from this am + an added tsp of natural pb & a little more granola

I really just wanted to eat handfuls of peanut butter and granola, but I convinced myself to finish this combo. I'm not disappointed.

My awesome Dad bought me something today I've been mentioning needing for awhile: a daily pill container! I'm an old lady for sure LOL. I wanted one to keep my vitamins all together. I almost always remember my morning ones, but I almost always forget my nite batch. I've been getting better, but hopefully this will help even more if I just keep it sitting on my desk (where I usually eat my dinner in front of the computer and/or tv, yay for bad habits). You know you're getting old

Got in bed around 11 (yep, still old!), prob didn't fall asleep 'til 12ish. Better than my 1-2 am bedtimes as of late.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,122
Steps Taken: 5,016


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