Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am SO boring!

January 7

Yesterday at the gym I felt pretty physically depleted. I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through my cardio. OK, I'm slightly exaggerating, but I'm sure you know the feeling. Fast forward to today, the scheduled rest day, and I was so antsy to work out! But since I knew it was a rest day I had slept in and had no time. So unfair. Although, it did work out for the best. Yesterday when watching Kendyll I had energy and stamina, thanks to getting my day started with some cardio. I don't know if I would have had that energy if I hadn't gone to the gym. I'm just antsy to get myself back to it tomorrow!


-egg whites scrambled with a little whipped cream cheese & lots of black pepper
-a little bit of pineapple
-christmas blend coffee via with lowfat egg nog

-1 slice of brown rice toast with a tiny bit of pumpkin cream cheese

I'm alllllllmost out of this cream cheese & it's gone for the season. WHYYYYYYYY?!

-half of a pb&j (1 slice sourdough, natural pb, strawberry rhubarb preserves)
-a huge ass iced tea (about 95% unsweet, 5% sweet) (forgot to take pic. At first my Dad ordered me a small and I "yelled" at him. Um, oops. The medium was GINORMOUS. Oh well. I drank it all. Yep. Too bad I forgot to snap a pic....)

I know what you're thinking, "WHAT A GREAT PICTURE!" Am I right? :-P

I FINALLY got a good chair for work! I'm thinking (hoping?) much of my recent low back pain is due to the fact that I've been sitting in a HORRIBLE chair at the office. Like, not an office chair, but just a regular old crappy chair. Stupid me. I got myself a nice cushy manager/executive (forget which) chair. Like I deserve! Haha. ;). Well, my Dad bought it. But same thing. He said I could pick whatever one I wanted (WHAT? My cheap dad doesn't seem to be so cheap anymore. What's happening?!), but I ended up getting one of the clearance models. The plus to that was it was already built (it was the floor model, kinda sucky people had already sat in it lol, but whatever), so I got to use it right away. Score. I wanted a BIG comfy chair, but I convinced myself to get a slightly smaller one, but that had better back support. The chair I'm in now at home, that I THOUGHT was the perrrrrfect chair, actually hurts me now. It gives me too much room to sit in ways that aren't good for my back (slouching, sitting cross legged,leaning forward and putting my feet up on the desk, etc). So I (reluctantly) smartened up. Here's hoping it pays off.

OMG, did I really just write that much about a chair? I am SO boring!!

-small side of baked beans

Was supposed to see Country Strong, but it didn't work out. We BETTER tomorrow! I wanna seeeeee!

Instead, just went up the street for chinese. Par-ty! :-P

-about 3/4 of an order of shrimp in lobster sauce with vegetables
-2 vietnamese shrimp rolls dipped in peanut sauce (pretty much just a lot of shredded lettuce)

As I always do, I requested vegetables instead of the rice (they don't have brown rice here and I don't like white at all) and the lady acted so annoyed and confused. I don't know if that offended her or what. Keep in mind with any other dish I order here I just request extra veggies no rice and there are no problems. But because I wanted it with the shrimp in lobster sauce she made a huge deal about it. And then she asked what veggies and I said the normal mix was fine or whatever they had, I don't care. So she acted even more confused. Which confused me. I'm like "I just don't want the rice...." And she said she understood. But CLEARLY she still didn't. Why was this so difficult? LOL. And then she said "Have you had this before? Are you sure you like it?" I haven't, but um, I've had shrimp with lobster sauce and I've had veggies, so I just lied and said yes I have. Why not? And she's like "Ok, but um you know it has egg, you still want it with vegetables?" Calm down about the vegetables lady, sheesh. (side note: as you can see in the pic, it's a little eggier/chunkier/less smooth and velvety than traditional lobster sauce, true, but I still don't understand what the veggies had to do with the texture change?!) Cue to me wishing I'd just ordered the damn shrimp & vegetables! But I felt like it was too late at this point, I had to just stick to my guns lol. So, then I think we've got it all figured out and she goes "so you mean like...broccoli or something?" And I'm just like "yeah, sure, broccoli is fine..." Seriously, what's hard about this? What I actually meant was the usual veggies they serve with most everything else. You know....broccoli with carrots, snow peas, cabbage, water chestnuts (aka the best part, CRUNCH!), that kinda thing. But at this point anything was fine.

So my food comes out about 5 minutes later. The vegetables are mixed into the dish. No prob. That's actually what I really wanted and figured they'd do, but since I asked for veggies INSTEAD of rice it would be on the side. But hey, fine so far. Only, it still came with rice. WTF? I just left it. No biggie. But again, WTF. LOL. At least it was tasty.

Big Friday nite out, huh? Riiight!

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,283
Steps Taken: 6,700

I'm kind of proud I've been cutting back on sugar. And not purposefully either. I hope it keeps up, at least to some extent. Yeah right. But for now, it's good.


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