Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

January 15

Cafe Brazil breakfast! Yum.

-flavored coffeeee with stevia (one cup carrot cake, one cup hazelnut, one cup to-go of decaf chocolate cherry)
-1 egg white breakfast taco in a small whole wheat tortilla with veggies, salsa, a little cheese, & hot sauce
-sweet potatoes with ketchup

My Dad signed him and myself up for a web & phone based seminar on Business & Marketing to brush up on some skills/get some new ideas for our private practice. I didn't learn anything new really (maybe a couple things), but it did reinforce some ideas I've been pushing for for awhile now. Hopefully that will give us the motivation to actually implement the changes!

Halfway into the program I got so hungry again, but waited 'til it was over to tear into my leftovers (the whole thing lasted 2.5 hours, which was about 5 hours after I first ate. And only ate one small taco. You guys know after a full breakfast I'm still hungry 3 hours later. This was cruel and unusual punishment, haha jk)

-the leftover breakfast taco & sweet potatoes
-80 cal pack of justin's peanut butter

Used a gift card at a local sushi/hibachi place for din-din

-2 mini pineapple cream cheese wontons dipped in a spicy chile sauce (very good, but didn't really taste any pineapple? I was expecting big pineapple chunks!)
-1/2 an order of the crab & spicy tuna stuffed in a flash fried avocado half
-seaweed salad
-miso soup
-my brother's clear soup
-part of my brother's side salad w/ ginger dressing
-1 sushi roll (spicy tuna and avocado topped with salmon) with lots of wasabi (sans 1 piece I gave my brother, who loved it except the salmon)
-1 piece of hibachi shrimp + 2 bites of hibachi fried rice

LOL that is just ridiculous. I forgot my brother's came with soup, so I ordered my own first...but I really wanted miso so I may have anyway lol (my brother doesn't like anything but the meat & rice, so I always take his sides at Japanese restaurants). And I knew I still wanted the seaweed salad even if a side salad came included with his. I didn't know my Dad was going to order an appetizer too (the wontons), but I still would have ordered the same stuff I did. But yeah, next time I'm condensing my order b/c that is just silly. How I didn't explode I do not know. It all hit me at once too. I ate reallllly slowly, even took breaks (ALL my food came out like 30 min before my dad & brother's hibachi even came out to be cooked! Bad timing...), but somehow I kept eating & kept thinking I still had room (and was even still hungry, even towards the end), but once the chef finished cooking their vegetables (their final item), it hit me like a ton of bricks! I went from hungry to STUFFED in like 30 seconds flat lol.

Happy to say my brother really liked this place. Ever since his fave Japanese restaurant went out of business a year or two ago he's been disappointed with all of the new Japanese places we've tried since. He said this place was really good, almost great. And the closest yet to his old fave (my fave-fave he likes too and said was previously most comparable, but again none are his holy grail, unfortch). So at least he liked it enough to frequent it somewhat regularly. Works for me!

-frozen yogurt with candyyyyy (on the cookies & cream side) & blueberries (on the original tart side)

There's still always room for dessert! And it doesn't hurt that my fave fro-yo place is literally right next door to the sushi place. How could we not stop in?! I have discovered I really really like chocolate sprinkles. I haven't had sprinkles in years, figured they'd be kinda tasteless/pointless, but they add a nice crunch! Yum.


January 16

-1 ferrero rocher chocolate

Nice start to the day, ha.

-41 min cross ramp

-good grains bagel with cream cheese, tomato, lox, capers, & onion
-a pickle
-cofffffeeeee with stevia & like 2 drops of skim milk (ugh dairy milk, I'm over you! But Einstein's makes their coffee CRAZY hot and I thought it may cool it down. When you only add a few drops it doesn't. Not gonna repeat that! May take my dad's cue next time and add a few ice cubes....)

I noticed Einstein's changed their menu this week. I don't think they have hummus anymore, that kinda sucks. At first I didn't see the good grains bagels OR even a sign for them and almost had a panic attack (Ok, not really, but I was gonna be really upset!!), but they were just hiding under another flavor. PHEW! Crisis averted ;).

Ran our usual Sunday errands, including a stop at Sam's Club:

Don't we shop healthy? Yeah, not always, but this trip we did!

-1/3 of a single-serving container (all I had left) of 0% plain chobani with granola & a drizzle of local honey
-part of a fruit plate

Not sure why I'm all "ewww" about cow's milk, yet I eat (some) cow's cheese and yogurt. I make no sense.

My new plan (I know, I sure try a lot of things) is to try to get back to eat a smaller amount of meat. I'm thinking 4 times/week to start sounds good. & I'm really going to try to only eat it at home prepared with free range/grass fed/organic/whatever the best I can get that week is. I don't think I want to go back to no meat, at least not at this time, but I do want to cut back. I was tempted to even go down to 2 (maaaybe 3) times, but 4 sounds good to me. I'm going to try to only order vegetarian or seafood at restaurants, unless something obscenely amazing graces the menu. I remember feeling better when I ate no meat, but also very tired. Maybe this will be a fair compromise. That's me, always experimenting with food. One day I'll find that perfect (for me) balance :).

-teriyaki baked tofu
-brown rice (that I put a lil teriyaki sauce on)
-side salad (organic mixed greens, matchstick carrots, mandarin oranges, blacked pepper dressed with a drizzle of olive oil, a drizzle of lemon juice, and a drizzle of local honey

No joke, once I got started I wanted to eat the whole block of tofu. When it was cut into smaller pieces it didn't seem so big. I didn't. But I did probably eat 60%. Oops. Could have used more marinade, but obviously it was still quite good.

Yeah, I know I said I wanted to cut back on soy, but it's so good. Not cool, soy! The reason I want to cut back is because it's been speculated since I was 12 that I could have a thyroid issue. It's always come back negative, but now that my nails are all flakey and I have body aches all the time no matter what I do, among other things I can't think of at the moment, I don't want to take too many chances w/ messing with it! But it's haaaaaard.

-sample of the peppermint bark I bought awhile back (box was still in the plastic...)

Oddly, not as delicious as the peppermint bark pretzels (which cost like 1/3 the amount or less), but still pretty good.

Finally finished Dexter season 1!! So pumped. My brother semi-accidentally spoiled some of the major story lines way before we got to them, but it's nice to have seen it all for myself. Although each storyline wrap-up always leaves me with more questions than answers, I'm officially addicted (oh who am I kidding? I've been drawn in since episode one...). I've now seen all of season 1 & all of season 5. Out of order, yes. But 40% done? Woohoo. 24 episodes down, 36 to go. And then I can officially freak out about having to wait like the rest of you all. WHY must all the amazing shows only come on for 12 episodes once a year? Now THAT is the real cruel and unusual punishment of this post.

ALMOST got away with no dessert (well, besides the peppermint bark sample), but got a lil hunger pang only about an hour before I was gonna to bed. I burned A LOT of cals today (over 2,600), so decided it couldn't hurt.

-chocolate vitatop with raw cashew butter on top (+ a little more cashew butter a la carte)

I completely forgot I had this cashew butter. I won't make that mistake again. So good. I remember LOVING cashew butter in oats, think that will be breakfast tomorrow.



  1. I want teppanyaki/hibachi now, and fro-yo! Unfortunately it will take a TJ's trip for the second (there's a fro yo place at Bayshore, where we went, now). I've wanted to go for teppanyaki for awhile now.

    I didn't know you'd only seen season 1 and 5 of Dexter! I just started watching it myself on Instant Netflix. My aunt, uncle and cousins were raving about the show at Thanksgiving (actually my cousins mentioned it a year ago) so I finally had to check it out. I finished season 1, and have 3 eps left in season 2. Then I have to wait for dvds in mail (booo, I think each dvd only has 2 eps) for 3-4, and whenever they decide to release 5. I hate the only 12 ep seasons for some shows too! I'm dying for this HBO show "Treme" to come back (it's set in New Orleans post-Katrina). I think it starts in March or April.

    What kind of thyroid issue? As you may or may not know, I've had some thyroid issues myself. Soy is bad for thyroid? I guess it's so rare I use soy anyway.


  2. Yeah a bunch of my friends encouraged me to get into True Blood & Dexter about the same time. True Blood came first, as my friend Al had the DVDs and I was at his apt one nite & we watched like...8 episodes in a row or something crazy like that. And obvi I was hooked and he convinced me to buy the books the next day and an obsession was born. I resisted Dexter a little, not because I didn't think I'd like it (I wasn't sure), but because I wanted to have ample time to REALLY get into it, provided I DID like it. Since I get a little obsessive over shows and want to catch up right away! ANYWAY, one day a Blockbuster near me was going out of business and had Seasons 1 & 2 on sale for ridiculously cheap (like maybe $4/box or something crazy). Of course, they ended up giving me Disc 2 x 2 of Season 1 instead of Dsiuc 1 & 2 UGHHH irritating, but like you I turned to Netflix. THANK GOD FOR INSTANT WATCH is all I can say, lol (actually, I've watch 95% of the eps via instant watch even tho I have the dvds lol). But you're saying Season 3 and 4 are mail only? That sucks! But better than none, I guess!

    I've never heard of Treme. That sounds interesting! I also never got to see ANY of the eps of In treatment this season ughh. I was on vaca when it started and fell too far behind. Idk if I should try to catch up on demand (if they even still have them all) or wait for DVD or what. So annoyed at myself about that!

    Not sure exactly what thyroid issue, but underactive/hypothyroid of some sort. Again, it's just speculation, but it's always made sense. It seems like a problem (or a speculation of a problem lol) on BOTH sides of my family, but both sides have the kind of issues that are almost impossible to detect via blood tests or w/e else they do. So annoying. I've only been checked twice tho (once at 12 FOR that purpose and once maybe 4 or so years ago just as a general blood check up), so it may be time to look into it again. A TON of foods are listed as "bad" for thyroids, but I'd kinda die if I couldn't have most of those lol ugh. I think soy is the main culprit tho. The problem is, soy is in almost EVERYTHING. Packaged things anyway. IDK if it's for preservative reasons or just to add filler ingredients, but it's SO annoying. And it's mostly the soy protein that effects the thyroid as I understand, so not in quite as much stuff, but still a lot. But I guess the world is so toxic now anyway ya just gotta do the best you can or kill yourself worrying about it lol.

    Are you on thyroid meds still? If I remember correctly didn't you have high and low thryoid levels at one point? I have a friend who had BOTH at the same time. No idea how that's even possible, but I'm sure she must have felt awful all the time :(.

    I bought a supplement that's supposed to really help and took it once or twice, but decided to wait 'til I see my doctor to continue it. Not to ask her about it, but to wait to see if she wants to do any tests. I was wondering if the supplement actually worked (and it does have great reviews), that it may hinder my results and make me seem fine when I may not be, if that makes sense.

    But yeah, I'll quit rambling ;).

  3. Yeah Dexter season 3-4 is only dvds, no instant. :( The first disc of season 3 is also long wait, grrr I just put it at the top of my queue since I only have 3 more eps in season 2. That's awesome you got seasons 1-2 so cheap! I actually saw 3-4 at Target for $15 each but I didn't want to spend that much, plus I had just started watching and wasn't sure I'd want the dvds anyway. I did buy Glee for $15, they only had a few copies of that left. I'll die when I get through season 4 and have to wait like, a year for the season 5 dvd to come out. :P

    I really like Treme. It's also centered around musicians (a lot of the characters are musicians) so the soundtrack is good. It will prob be on On Demand if it isn't now since season 2 should be coming out soon. Wow never saw any of the In Treatment eps!

    Ah okay, I had (have??) subclinical hypothyroidism. When I first got tested a year ago my tsh (thyroid stimulating hormone.. what they test) levels were high but not super high, and high tsh= hypothyroidism (confusing I know). I did have both high and low levels of tsh when my doctor was trying to find the correct dose. My tsh was finally normal last time I got tested, in Aug. I'm still taking a low dose of levothyroxin, will continue until my dr says it's okay to stop. My doctor didn't tell me about any food restrictions so I guess there isn't anything fatal or anything, but I should do more research bc I'm curious now even though my levels are normal. The only "restriction" I have is that I take my meds first thing after I get up and can't eat for 30 min-1 hour.

    I hope your doctor can find something! It's kind of a catch 22, you don't really want to have a condition, but sometimes it's frustrating to NOT know anything. Both my parents have dealt with that, my mom before she was diagnosed w fibro, and my dad has had periods similar to the last month (but slightly diff, this had a direct onset w shoveling snow) where he didn't feel well for a couple weeks but the dr never found anything.