Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cha Cha Changes

Quick lil note I've been meaning to write for, well, months.

Considering I have not had red hair in 7+ months I figure it's time for a header change. I think, for now, I still want to keep my blog background, but otherwise I may do a mini makeover of sorts. I know I still need an about me page at the very least. Any ideas/suggestions for what to do would be awesome.

I've also been kiiinda considering a blog name change. I feel like Food.Fashion.Fitness.Fun. is a little generic. It's true. And it explains the blog well. So maybe I'm alright keeping it, but idk. I want something more creative! But I also feel like it may be a little late for that? And I do like it, of course, or I wouldn't have picked it. We'll see...

OK, I'm done overusing commas for now. See ya with my real post tonite!

Oh, speaking of which, one last thing. You guys know how I watch my cousin's toddler twice a week? Duh, I only post 28983294 pics, of course you know. Anyway, I also take little videos of her. Is that something anyone would be interested in seeing? Or do I already do Kendyll over kill? Lemme know :). They're just like 10 second-1 min or so clips of her doing cute/funny toddler-y stuff.



  1. yeah, post the videos! :) i'm sure they're cute

  2. aww yeah i'd love to see little videos included in the blogs!