Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sleepy Head

December 27

-egg white puff with kraft single on 2 slices of brown rice toast (well, 2.5, I guess. Part of another piece piggy backed onto the plate lol) & grey poupon, natch!

nothing really sounded tasty this morning. I knew I didn't want a carby meal (i.e. oats or something like that, I realize the bread is carbs lol), so egg puff it was. Not bad, not bad. Although my puffs aren't cooking as quickly lately. Weird!

-indian buffet
-hot tea

BEST part every time.

Overdid it at the buffet a little bit. Turns out when I only eat 1 small piece of naan (and that was when I went back for seconds) and no rice, I overload on everything else. Which, really, is probably better, but makes me feel like a huge mcfeaster! At least I got salad! Haha.

Now take a look at this. My Dad ALWAYS gets food on himself. ALWAYS. Often on his tie. So look how he ate our entire lunch.

Yep, that's my dad. Oh boy.

-3 mini mini toblerones (dark, white, and milk)

no, I'm not busy at ALL at work this week.

Those little ones aren't very good. They have a strange, cheap chocolate after taste. Which is weird, because toblerones have always been one of my favorite chocolates.

-small sugar free chocolate banana frozen yogurt (so. good.)

We have this little store, Sugarless Delite, by the office. I've been going off and on since I was 10 or so. They sell lots of products with little to no sugar (good for diabetics, they have weight watchers friendly low point stuff, etc), but they also have a bakery and a frozen yogurt section. I used to LOVE the fro-yo when I was a kid. But the last couple of years I've always been disappointed by it (mostly my fault, prob. By picking the wrong flavors). But I had to go next door today to the allergy store for something for my Mom and got an urge to give it another try. SO GLAD I DID. I sampled the egg nog (realllly good too) and the pumpkin (OK, I'd get it, but not my fave fave).FYI: the chocolate banana was the best. Yum.

Can't believe I left there without a brownie, though. My Mom got one, but I just settled for the yogurt. But O-M-G, people. They make THE best brownies EVER. And I don't like brownies at all, really. But these are soo moist and squishy and GOOD. lol. Their primary sweetener is malitol I believe (a sugar alcohol), so they don't taste artificially sweetened, but you have to be careful and not eat too much or they can have a, well, laxative effect. No, I don't know from experience (thankfully!! LOL), but I just know the basic gist of what sugar alcohols can do to a person. So enjoy slowly, you'll thank me ;).

-leftover schmorgasboard (mix of xmas dinner + greek leftovers)
-bite of crispy santa + bite of peppermint bark pretzel

We're kind of at that crossroads where we don't have any "real" food (lots of leftovers, condiments, juices, other beverages, but not real meal shtuff), but the fridge is still packed solid. Can't really grocery shop, but can't really make anything new. Annoying!

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 3,848


December 28

Fell asleep last nite a little after 8 pm. Slept 'til 9:30 am (and could have slept longer). Ri-dic.

Needless to say, I slept right through my workout. Dammit! I was so disoriented when I woke up I almost got ready for the gym, but was so confused when I saw the time (9:33). I wasn't sure if I should get ready to workout (if for some reason we were going to work late....which I knew couldn't be possible, but...) or if I should get in the shower. LOL. Turned out, shower won :-P.

-egg in a basket in brown rice bread
-extra slice of brown rice toast with light vegan butter and strawberry rhubarb preserves
-iced hazelnut coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

My friend/co-worker asked me yesterday if I'd ever had "that egg in the bread hole thing" (or something to that effect), so we googled all of the possible names lol. Anyway, I hadn't tried it, so I decided to today when nothing sounded good! It was actually pretty tasty. Unfortunately, the thing that threw it off for me a little bit was the fact that ONE bite of egg white didn't cook and I ate it raw. Anyone who's had raw egg white should know how disgusting that is. Ugh. Kinda ruined it for me, but otherwise it wasn't bad!

-small side of green bean casserole

it may look big, but this is just a tiny pyrex, the smallest they make, I think

Didn't eat lunch besides that. Ugh. I had a salad packed, but never got to it. BUSY day.

I went to work late with my Mom (noon..usually my Dad and I head in at 10. Yeah, we're lucky), but stayed 'til a little after 7 pm and worked (basically) nonstop. Even though I know a "normal" work day for most is 8 hours, it was still draining since I left so late! But I felt productive and helped my mom finish a really important project honoring her (!!!), so it was well worth it.

-1 super small christmas cookie

-salad (that was meant for mixed greens, matchstick carrots, goat cheese, drizzle of organic olive oil, lemon juice, drizzle of light ranch added at last second, black pepper)
-lobster ravioli in a light alfredo sauce
-glass of red vino

this was the 2 servings, I had half

Since I didn't eat lunch I made the entire pack of ravioli (meant for 2) and told myself I could eat it all if I wanted to. Turned out, half way through I was full. Cool.

Actually, so full I didn't even need any sugar loading later on like I usually do. I also drank lots of water today. FINALLY. Still probably not enough, but much improved from how I've been lately.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
2,000 (on the dot! lol kinda weird)
Steps Taken: 4,170


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