Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Miss you, Christmas

I have the Christmas Pressie post all typed up and ready to go, but I want to add some picture action. Promise it will be up soon ("suuure Amanda, we're still waiting on the Halloween post," you say? :-P). I knowwww, but I'm on it!

December 26

My Dad and I decided to work out at another branch of our gym to check it out. From the outside it looked crappy, but inside was comparable to our old location. I still prefer the old one, but this one kicks the new locations ass *sigh*. Why are we suck with such a shitness center? I want my fitness center back! :-P.

At least we have a new weekend stomping ground, I guess. We're going to check out the third location next weekend for even futher comparison.


-7-8 min treadmill
-abs & shoulders (did the whole set, instead of the usual half-set we break up)
-tried out some of the diff cardio machines that our location doesn't have. Prob only used them 3 min total tho lol

We were supposed to go to my cousin's house for a get together/party thing, but that fell through for most of the family. Instead my Dad & I ran errands. We had originally planned on breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, but switched to Einstein's Bagels when we thought we were short on time & the party was still on. Even when we learned of the change of plans and could have reverted back to plan Mimi's, I was set on Einstein's at that point. Mmm, bagels.

-vanilla hazelnut coffee with chocolate stevia
-good grains bagel with egg white, hummus, spinach, and tomato

Both my Dad and I agreed they were off their game today. Neither the bagel sandwiches nor the coffee were up to their usual delicious standards. Still, even bad Einstein's is still good. And I realized it's in the same shopping center as the new gym. This could get dangerous! Dunkin Donuts is literally right next to the gym, but the most damage I'd be interested in doing there is coffee or egg white sandwiches. I'm not a donut person. But Einsteins? Ohhhhhhh, Einsteins. Houston, we have a problem.

At nite my fam went to dinner at Half Shells together...

-a little over half of the salmon salad sans crunchy asian noodles with hot sauuuuce (my preccccious)
-some of my mom & brother's waffle fries doused in malt vinegar
-red stripe

The salad is, seriously, so good. The tomatoes were bad, but the rest is taaaasty.

Then, next door at the Angelika, my Mom & I went to see Rabbit Hole, while my brother and dad saw Black Swan. After picking our seats, my Mom left to get herself a beer & popcorn (which I sampled. The popcorn, that is), while I told her to surprise me. She brought me back a split of champagne. No complaints here.

The movie was sad and didn't have an exact point really (kinda....), but I still liked it. Nicole Kidman did great and I always love me some Aaron Eckhart.

Came home & finished off my salmon & threw the rest of the salad away (I don't do leftover veggies if they're covered in dressing. Not into the wilty action).

I also got into....

-half a small slice of the gingerbread cheesecake I baked lateee last nite (too dry...halved the recipe, but baked it for the original baking time, whoops. Good taste, disappointing texture).
-1 white chocolate lindt ball, some more of crispy chocolate santa....torso this time, & 1 ferrero rocher

Just after I proclaimed a health-based diet from now on I get a huge sugar craving. Oh dear.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 8,895

I thought that's what it said when I checked at like 11:30, so that doesn't seem right to me, but close enough.


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