Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like...

December 25


Your dogs don't wear tux's and fancy dresses for the holidays? That's weird...

Can you tell Bella and I were excited for Christmas? I woke up a little before 8:30 am. Bella wanted to sleep in a little, but once we snuggled up and she realized I was restless we got out of bed and she got her excitment on too. See the tail wag? That's my girl!

I swear she's half human.

-a few bites of a cinnabon (it was terrible. I took like 2 bites and spit it out. TMI? What a waste of money)
-one bite of santa's crispy chocolate head

We usually spend approx. 3 hours opening presents (yes, just us 4 + the pets). This year we spent 3.5. Would have probably been longer too, but we FINALLY convinced my brother to open multiple at a time, instead of the usual one (seeing as how he had about double the rest of us had). Let's just say we are all very VERY blessed. Materially and otherwise. (Will post the ole "what I got" list next for fun/future recollection).

Can't even see the tree skirt really we have so many pressies. Mwhahaha.

My fave part of the year is watching people open their presents. It's so exciting to see people's reactions and excitment and just awww. I love it. I always like to go last, because I don't really care about myself. Don't get me wrong I love and appreciate all my stuff immensely, but it's more fun to watch other people! At least at the time!

Sneak Peek at the Present Opening Action:

& The creme de la creme of presentary?

Do you hear the angels singing?

I was pretty sure I'd get a Rebel, but I didn't think I'd get THE Rebel!!! I thought I'd have to upgrade it myself, but AHHHH!! I screamed so loudly my Dad & brother covered their ears, LOL.

I don't know what the hell I'm doing and it's scary and frustrating, but I LOVE IT.

Oh & LOL, during my third or so present opening experience, I opened up the gift & all it was was a wrapped receipt in a pretty bag. Turned out my brother didn't realize the Anthropologie receipts come in nice bags and thought it was a present-haha.

Breakfast prepared a la 1 pm.

-einstein's good grains bagel with whipped cream cheese, lox, tomato, capers, & red onion (LOL. We forgot to buy onion, so last nite at dinner my dad asked if they'd give him some sliced onion to go. They thought we were weird, but did it LOL).
-chocolate flavored coffee with chocolate stevia & egg nog

Suuuch a good breakfast.

-spinach artichoke dip
-deviled eggs
-shrimp cocktail

Just a tiny bit of each o' the above

As I do most holidays, I spent almost all day in the kitchen. It appears as though it was worth it as everyone raved about the meal. So that's good.

-about 3/4 of a super small piece of filet mignon
-crab legs (amazing, as always)
-green bean casserole (soo good)
-scalloped cheesy potatoes
-salad (organic mixed greens, tomato, avocado, light ranch)

The filet was from Whole Foods and cost an arm and a leg. Everyone but me loved it. I thought it was a little tough. Probably my fault, but I tried.

My Mom used to make scalloped potatoes all the time when I was growing up, but hasn't in years. I got a random craving recently. They're still good.

After dinner we went to the movie grill to see The Little Fockers. I thought it would probably be dumb, but I really loved it. Ben Stiller rocks.

My Mom got us reserved seats, but accidentally got the ones where you have to spend $12/person in food or drinks. Obviously food was out, so....

-champagne split
-kahlua mudslide (basically kahlua, baileys, and frangelico poured on top of vanilla ice cream. could have used more alchyhol, but it was delightfu. & I don't even like kahlual).

Then, my brother and I came home and finished watching Bad(der) Santa (we started it on Christmas Eve, but I fell asleep halfway in). Love that movie.

-more spin dip

Dinner time for the baaaaabies

Genie dance!!

I always hate when Christmas ends. It's the best day ever.

Let the countdown to next year's festivities begin!


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