Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Frother? Yes, Please!

Dec 17

-egg white omelet with spinach, cream cheese, & salsa
-1 cherry crepe
-homemade almond milk coffee misto (!!!) topped with cinnamon & a little english toffee stevia

I think my new milk frother has changed my life. True story.

-part of a candy cane my friend brought to the office

Smell of Christmas I brought (again--went through the first!) to office

I have a stash at home too. Mmm.

-glass of red wine

given to me at a boutique while xmas shopping. Oh yeah. My kind of shopping.

-small house salad (with mixed greens, feta, & tomato)
-one slice of bread with their sauce I haven't quite figured out yet (but is really good)
-mussels in a white wine sauce (the mussels were terrible, boo)
-glass of white wine

This restaurant is very hit or miss with me. When it's good, it's realllly good. But usually I make the wrong choices. Shoulda stuck with the tried & true fish from last time.

& Lately drinking kind of makes me feel like crap. Even just a little. I don't know why I still do it. Besides the fact that it tastes deeeeelish. Maybe I'm just tired.

-chai almond milk latte with a little english toffee stevia

See? The frother ROCKS.

My Body Bugg died or something midday, so no worries about the stats for today.


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