Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally Friday

Dec 10

Got to sleep in a bit (woo hoo), but then went to worky. Yay Friday.

-half of a veggie sandwich a la Panera
-about 75% (maybe a little more...) of a small orchard chicken salad w/ pears and dried cherries and other goodness (did the pick 2 combo thang)
-hazelnut coffee


cherry vinaigrette, yo

Delightful. But because I didn't eat today until like 2:30 pm (not cool!) I went from staaaaaahving to crazyfull in like 2 seconds flat. The half sandwich was enough alone. I tried to plow through the salad deliciousness, but eventually gave up. Defeated. And wishing I hadn't attempted.

-mushroom ravioli with some all natural pomodoro sauce & a blob of the last of the pesto
-salad (organic mixed greens mixed with organic spinach, matchstick carrots, goat cheddar, garlic gold nuggets, garlic expressions vinaigrette, black pepper)
-glass of red wine (not very good, boo)

OK, let's not lie. Obviously after I took these pics I took my bowls & glass to the living room and watched Glee (the Gwenyth Paltrow episode, you can see how behind I am).

The salad was mediocre at best for some reason, but the ravioli was delish. Turns out sampling GOOD food at the store does work. I would have passed the sauce & ravioli by otherwise. They weren't even on my radar, but the samples were SO. GOOD. I had to have both products. Asap. I don't think I'd buy the sauce again, but the ravioli was still really good.

-a bite of the two vosges choccies from the other day

I didn't have any water today until after 11 pm. WTF? Stupid. And super unlike me. No bueno.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,059
Steps Taken: 6,025

I don't know why I always get SO stressed out on Friday afternoons. Often with good reason, but today there was none. Ridiculous. But it passed. Eventually. And now the real weekend can begin. Hey, even if I'm just gonna relax, it's still the best part of the week!


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