Monday, December 20, 2010

Errand Running with KK

Dec 16

It was a BUSY DAY.

But Buster wanted to snuggle up, so it was supppppppper hard to get out of bed :(

Bella was with us too! At my butt lol.

-overnite pumpkin oats with raisins & topped with cacao nibs
-christmas blend coffee via

wolfed down half in the car, half at my cousins.

We fed Miss Princess, I fed myself the rest of my breakfast, &then we blew the joint & went grocery shopping for my brother's office party that evening.


Then, we went and picked my brother up ridiculously early and dropped him off at his office along with the goodies. Kendyll finally got to meet my dogs. Sorta. We show her pics every week and she kisses them and loves them, especially Bella. (She always goes "BELL-UH!" in a cute way lol). Anyway...

Rocking out in the big girl chair before it was carseat time. Aren't her boots amaze?

Double fisting her snacks LOL

The lady at the bank gave her the lollipop. After a few licks I threw it away when she wasn't looking, but she was quite a fan. She must have been, as it was v. difficult to pry her away from the rice cakes! Pretty sure she ate 3/4 the bag in one sitting, among other foods lol.

Finally got back to the apartment and my mom made us all lunch.

-my mom's chicken & d's topped with hot sauce & black pepper

Right before nap time:

She was stroking my Mom's hair while they watched Blues Clues. How cute is that?

Snuggly Bears:

-peanut butter chocolate chip zing bar

Hurt my stomach. :(

Then, my mom and I met up with my Dad & brother at the party (for the last few minutes anyway....).

Think they liked my dip?

PHEW. Most people took home almost-full containers of their food. Score one pour moi.

Thennnn, we went to the mall. I had second thoughts about my party dress so I exchanged it for another. They only had 1 size too small left in the one I wanted. I JUUUUUST got it zipped. Nice! (OK, after I sucked in all. the. way. but hey, it zipped! And was comfortable enough once zipped!)

-a lil bit of cheesecake factory brown bread
-seared tuna tataki salad
-2 glasses o' champagne

My cousin works at CCF so we thought we'd stop by to say hi, but he wasn't working. We stayed anyway. Great choice. That champagne was super good. And the salad always is. Mmmm.

-the last of the gf brownies (like 1.5, shuttup) with a little coconut milk vanilla ice cream topped with pumpkin pie spice

So much for eating perfectly before the party to ensure the dress still zips Saturday LOL :-x.

Body Bugg Stats:

Stupid Body Bugg is lying and saying all my cals are for only 1473 every day. WTF? I know I walked over 12,000 steps & burned around 2,500 cals this day.


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