Saturday, December 25, 2010

Anticipation. Almost the Big Day!!

December 22

-pumpkin oats with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, raisins, and pumpkin cream cheese with a tiny dab of pb at the last sec

-slice of brown rice toast with almond butter + peanut butter mixed together with cinnamon and a few raisins
-side salad with organic (I ALWAYS type organix lol) mixed greens, mandarin oranges, goat brie, and dressing made with lemon juice/honey/black pepper/organic safflower oil
-2 raw chocolate macaroons

-too many wannabe doritoes
-a veggie corn dog with lots of mustard
-a couple peppermint bark pretzels (deeeeelish)

-1 piece of cream cheese naan (YAY I had self control)
-khuroos-e-tursh (chicken stuffed with a spinach etc mixture topped with an almond cream sauce...basically korma)
-tried 2 bites or so of my cousin's goat (!) curry (actually pretty good, but very bony)
-a few bites of basmati
-ridiculous amounts of mango lemonade (ohhh, so that's where my self control went to...)

I shouldn't have strayed from their AMAZING tikka masala, but this was still very good and I've wanted to try it forever, so no real complaints!

-skinny cow vanilla caramel ice cream cone

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 5,831


December 23

-pumpkin and banana protein pancakes topped with a drizzle of maple syrup, a drizzle of peanut butter, & a drizzle of maple pumpkin butter
-1 fried egg
-about half of a homemade christmas blend stevia-sweetened misto

Very delish.

My Mom wanted me to go with her to her doctor appointment, so I didn't go to work. Prob not the best idea, but it made my mom happy, so that's what matters.

-small cup of tortilla soup topped with a tiny bit of cheese, a drizzle of sour cream, & hot saucccce!
-super small side salad with lettuce, chicken, corn & black bean salad, pico, sour cream, & guac
-root beer (forgot I had planned on going for bubble tea. damn!!)

Picked up lunch & went to my cousins for a few hours to open up presents & hang out. The food was super good, but the salad was TINY. Wouldn't do the pick 2 combo again. Me like big salads. Especially if that's the bulk of the meal!

She LOVED her American Girl baby. Awww!

And her drums!

sup juicy sweatsuit and ugg boots? Do I think I'm 17 again? Hey, I like them. So. There.

-cup of matzoh ball soup from whole foods (topped with lots of black pepper & 2 kinds of hot sauce...I'm obsessed)
-slice of buttermilk pie (tasted more like lemon pie..weird!)

-veggie hot dog with muuuuuustard

Kittttttie Love


Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 11,263


December 24


I did work half a day since I didn't go yesterday.

-fruit leather thang
-1 mini mini tobelerone

-chicago popcorn (cheddar + caramel mix)

-greek beer
-greek salad
-a few bites of lemon soup
-a few bites of the greek combo

-too many bites of sweets

-tuna tartare tower
-lamb chops in a fig sauce thing with polenta
-berry compote with a lil lemon mousse
-glass of cabernet

My Mom & I have a tradition of dinner at Cru Wine Bar on Xmas Eve. She was too tired though (SO lame...), so my Dad and I went. It was just OK this year.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 7,079



  1. Chicago popcorn? Did you wait in line for 30 (or 45? lol I forget) min to get it? ;) Mmm Indian food. <3 your kitties!! (and Bella, and Buster.. all your pets really! love pics of them)

    Merry Christmas!! :)


  2. LOL ;). No, but there's was better I must say! But this was still bueno lol.

    Thanks Molly! Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. Hi there! I found your videos on youtube whilst searching for good grocery hauls (unfortunately, some users aren't as eloquent speakers and can't get their ideas across as well as you do) and I really enjoyed your hauls! I was hoping that you'd continue making more soon if you had the time. Thanks and Merry Christmas!