Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Day!

November 25

-slice of leftover pizza
-2/3 of a pom energy bar (yuck!! stick to juice, guys)


-25 min cross ramp
-25ish min arms & legs
-3 min treadmill

I can't believe the gym was open. My Dad suggested we try to go & see and I said I bet there was like an 87.9% (lol) chance it was closed. Wrong! =-o.

Last nite my Dad decorated a little...

(ok, well I added a few of those touches)

& I set the table & did a little more decorating of my own

& my Mom added the final touch...

Team work!

*pride* I thought it looked sooooooo good.

Then it was cookin' time! But first...

-coffee with a little lowfat organic egg nog (gooood!)

-deviled eggs
-a few bites of spinach artichoke dip
-a bite or two of queso

A few bites of each of the following:

-turkey & homemade gravy
-cranberry-mandarin orange sauce
-green bean casserole with caramelized onions
-sour cream & cream cheese mashed potatoes
-mashed sweet potatoes topped with caramelized bananas
-gluten free triple cheese mac & cheese
-cornbread stuffing with celery & chopped apple
-a hawaiian sweet roll
-pinot noir
-one bite of homemade pumpkin pie with a gingerbread pumpkin spice crust

I made everything except the turkey (thanks, Dad!) and the rolls.

I know, looks like an INSANE amount, but it all fit on one plate & I wasn't overly stuffed. Shocker!

I wasn't even going to make stuffing since my brother & I don't really like it, but after multiple requests from my parents I caved. I know, I'm so nice. Surprisingly, it was one of my fave parts. And the turkey was crazy moist. His best yet. All in all a super successful meal! My aunt ended up coming over too as a last minute surprise.

Somebody did try to join the dinner table uninvited.

Went with my mom & aunt to see Love and Other Drugs. I liked it a lot, but expected more. Oh well, still worth seeing. Anne Hathaway is impossibly pretty.

-champagne (one of those mini bottles a la Korbel)

Hey, I couldn't go to the movie grill & not have at least something! But no way was I ordering food lol. I wonder how many people actually ate there that day. Hmmm.

Came home & my Mom accidentally SHATTERED my brand new iphone. OMG. (She was cleaning up the counter while I made her a plate of leftovers like she requested, and it slid out of the case & came crashing down on the tile). I was pretty much devastated the rest of the evening. :(

-slice of the pumpkin pie

Not my best (imo), but it's still pumpkin, so who can hate it? At least everyone else really liked it.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned
: 2,725
Steps Taken: 11,693

That's what I'm talking about. Yeaaah working out.

Happy belated Thanksgiving!


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