Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired....

November 10

-honey graham clif z bar
-the last few bites of my leftover (cold) chinese

-immune tea

-chicken noodle/kreplach/matzoh ball combination soup
-side salad with italian

didn't eat it all..


Went to work (mostly since I had my massage scheduled, heh...), but I got really, really tired. A few hours later I went with my Mom to the hotel she booked us for the week (might be extended even more) while our floors are being put in. I took a nap, which was helpful. And then we picked my brother up & my brother & I went to the house. I didn't want to leave my dog(s) or tv before I really needed to!

-venti vanilla rooibos hot tea

-vegan boca burger with pesto, goat cheese, & a little tomato sauce on brown rice toast
-aloe kombucha

After I ate/drank this I got burning in my throat, ugh annoying. As if I felt so great before....*eye roll*

-pieces of gluten free graham crackers with peanut butter, ricemellow, & 1 mini hersheys broken up

Aren't my new boots cuuuuute?

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,222
Steps Taken: 5,993

I guess packing does burn calories. At least today.

I can't believe how much I did, especially with still feeling crappy. I just hope I didn't make myself worse by exerting too much energy.

I can't wait 'til this whole floor ordeal is over with.



  1. Love the boots!! Where did you get 'em? This late fall weather is making me want a new pair of boots. I sadly only have one pair lol (well, plus Uggs).


  2. Thanks! I'm obsessed, I've worn them at least every other day since. I got them at Kohl's of all places. Half off too! Woo. Loooove boots.