Sunday, November 21, 2010

Part of My Last 10 Days in Cell Photos

I've been living out of 3 different hotels since my last post. In remodeling hell. I hate blogging on a laptop (yes, I'm weird, but I like having a mouse! I guess I could have brought my mouse from home, but alas), so I didn't blog, as you can see. And I missed it. But I did read your blogs. Promise.

Yes, that probably is a lot of booze. And tea. And sugar. And it was all very, very necessary. (OK, maybe not the sugar).

Also needed: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, non-meat proteins, and overall healthy nourishment. That, was not quite so plentiful. Though, looking through the pics, I didn't do quite as bad as I felt like I did. So there's that.

It's goooood to be home.

I'll update tomorrow with the pics off of my real camera.


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