Friday, November 5, 2010

Crappy Pics, But I'm Baaaaack

November 4

Why yes, I'm baaack. Just barely... after a HORRIBLE flight last nite (bumpy and turbulent and miserable). Will update on the trip soon (hellllo, Halloween!), but for now let's get back on track...

Stayed home today b/c I think I'm sick. I can't tell if it's allergies, a virus or what. Rude! :-P

I was really hungry, but nothing sounded good so I just went the easy route.

-turkey sandwich (nitrite-free turkey, pesto, & sundried tomato and basil laughing cow wedge on rudi's double fiber toasted bread)
-hot tea (1 bag of organic green mixed with 1 bag of throat coat with a drizzle of local honey)

I pretty much lost my voice and was very squeaky. Not so awesome.

-cinnamon sugar kettle corn (deeeeelish)

-gingerbread hot tea

Oh cold weather + tea, how I love your combo so.

Then I kept losing my appetite off & on, but my Mom wanted to go to dinner, so I ate. And ate.

-chips, a corn tortilla, & salsa
-Karla's tex mex combo (2 spinach enchildas with ranchero sauce, some sauteed veggies, & what they call a salad....basically a small amount of shredded lettuce, a bite of tomato, & sliced avocado. Usually I'd smother it all in sour cream, but somehow I refrained entirely. It was tough)
-(really good) glass of pinot grigio

Patio dining!

-a few bites of trader joe's chocolates (maybe 5 or so chipotle chocolate covered hazelnuts & 3 or so dark chocolate covered macadamias)

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 1,870
Steps Taken: 4,380

I reaaaaallllllly need to get back on the calorie-burning train. And healthful eating. I ate pretttty badly on my vaca. Don't get me wrong, it could have been way worse, but it still wasn't typical Amanda fare. I also ate quite a bit of meat. It reminded me how much I love me some chicken (dammit!), but I do still want to stay minimal & load up on more veggies, hummus, blah blah overall.

Lost a follower when I was gone too, so that's kind of sad. But hey, it happens. I started this blog for me anyway. But it's still kinda sucky to notice!



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