Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bed Day

November 9

-cinnamon sugar kettle corn

-sesame peanut kind bar

I barricaded myself in my room all day. Partially due to my illness, partially to avoid the construction going on downstairs. I didn't even have any medicine or water. Stupid, probably. But I subsisted on the little food I could scrounge up in my room & suitcase. If I had a spoon or another food shoveling vehicle, there probably would have been peanut butter too. Maybe I should keep plastic ware in my room. Just Kidding.

-small strawberry banana smoothie
-decaf peppermint green tea

They used to give the beef rare (well, raw, really) for the broth to cook it, even in to-go orders. You know, the delicious way. I guess they got in trouble or something, because now it comes fully cooked. It's still good, but not the saaaaaame. & it still always amazes me how many noodles they give for one person. And how I can seem to polish them off every time.

At least I was finally hydrated.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 1,293

Barely left my bed today. I still would have thought I'd made at least the 2,000 step mark & maybe 1,800 calorie mark considering I spent a considerable amount of time packing, but apparantly not.


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