Friday, October 1, 2010

Teething Sucks!

September 27

I need to find better time management skills to not only blog on weekends. I know all the catch up has got to be a little annoying.


-5 min treadmill
-arms & legs
-5 min treadmill

-blueberry frosted organic toaster pastry
-about 1/2-3/4 a mug of organic green tea with peppermint stevia

My stomach still hurt from yesterday, so nothing really sounded good. I was gonna get Starbucks, but nixed that idea.

But, of course, when I had to leave and it was too late to get food, I got hungry. Oh well.

I had to watch Kendyll (by myself, for the first time *gasp*) for an hour while my cousin was in an appointment. The waiting room was not really a good place to watch a kid. At all. So after we got bored with our Sesame Street books and ate all the veggie straws out of the snack pack we went outside to dance and listen to Sesame Street and other kid songs on Pandora.

We had fun, as fun as 2 restless people can, but man are babies heavier than they appear! I mean, I hold her every day, but I was reluctant to let her walk outside by herself, so I held her and bounced her in my arms for probably half an hour. I should probably be extra buff on my left side now :-P.

she LOVED these froggies outside of the flower shop next door. We had to keep staring at them for like 20 minutes off & on, lol.

THEN, I got fooood. Whole Foods!

-half of a tuna cranberry salad sandwich
-a small portion of indian from the hot bar (tofu madras & chana masala)

The indian food was cold-ish and the chick peas were slightly underdone (boo!), but otherwise it was all muy bueno.

Then back to Miss Princess for the afternoon!

LOL love her faces
dancing machine!

As you can see, we had fun, fun, fun!

And enjoyed NaNa's chicken & d's! (pssst, both Kendyll and I prefer the dumplings)

& I had iced tea

My Mom isn't much of a cook (not to say that she CAN'T cook, b/c when she does it's tasty stuff, she's just lazy when it comes to preparing food), but her chicken & dumplings are the most simple, yet amazing things EVAR.

But the fun stopped after the little lady went down for her nap. She's teething BIG TIME, and seems to be going through crazy growth spurts in her sleep. She woke up from her nap SCREAMING and crying. Something she NEVER does. :( She was kind of red and blotchy and her body temp felt warm. Poor baby!

Snuggles helped a little, but she was not feeling so good.

I didn't really eat dinner-dinner (I had the c&d's around 5-something), so I just kinda snacked around 9 pm or so. I was hungry, but not enough for a meal.

-curry tofu egg roll

Shortly after...

-small bowl of maple buckwheat cereal in almond milk

Yeah, that cereal was not necessary. Whatever. I had made roasted potatoes for the next day & decided to have a small portion over a fried egg, but the potatoes turned out kinda gross. I put too much cayenne pepper on them & they just tasted off to me. IDK. My Dad liked them, so more for him. I then realized I didn't really neeeeed food, but by then I'd already poured the cereal. Didn't mean I was locked in to eating it, but ya know...

Just kinda grazed all day. Kendyll also fed me bites of her snacks lol.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,467
Steps Taken: 10,127


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