Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super Quick

October 7

Normally I'd combine a short post with a longer one when I'm trying to get back up to date, but tomorrow's entry is kind of special too, so I wanted it to be on its own. This one just sort of got sandwiched between Jenny & tomorrow. Poor postie ;)

Oh, I know what makes this one special. It's my friend's Melissa's birthday! Happy Birthday, Melissa! We've been friends since 6th grade, awww.


-14 minutes cross ramp

LOL yes, I went to the gym for under 15 minutes. Ridiculous. Not my choice, trust me.

-1 slice of sourdough, egg white puff, kraft single, grey poupon
-iced coffee via

-grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard instead of mayo
-about 85% of a Kind bar

LOL, don't worry she got a couple bites!

My body isn't thrilled with fast food, but it was this or don't eat, pretty much. And as far as fast food goes, this is fairly tasty.

-a small bowl of smores ice cream (maybe half a serving? 3/4?)

I'd prob never buy it for myself b/c it was chemical central, but so good!! I may have to create my own all natural version

Mommy had to go to the doctor, so we went to meet her...

LOL! I think that helps her teeth too.
Occupying ourselves

Too tired to cook. Surprise, surprise.

-$12 worth of whole foods hot bar (oink)...various indian food, tofu, shredded beets and butternut squash, and grain salads
-less than half of a godiva hazelnut gelato truffle chocolate bar (it's just called that, there's no real gelato involved)

That candy bar was soooooo delicious, I regret sharing most of it. Well, not really. But it's good.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,407
Steps Taken: 8,159


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  1. I have never had whole foods hot bar!! I see it all over the blog world, but since I try and STAY AWAY from whole foods (I spend too much there!!) I have never gotten to try it :( The variety looks amazing though!!