Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Social Network

October 12


-27 minutes cross ramp

-pumpkin cheesecake/pie egg white omelet (3 egg whites, pumpkin mixed with whipped cream cheese and half a truvia packet)
-strawberry banana smoothie

The smoothie was good, but tasted like cantaloupe again! I don't get it.

-caramel coffee via

Tasted a little sweeter today. My taste buds are on crack.

-leftover salmon pinwheel on top of brown rice
-side salad (organic greens, caramelized chick peas, sliced organic strawberries, lemon juice, drizzle of local honey, & half way thru I added in some goat cheese)
-a little chardonnay, maybe 1/2 a glass at most


When Reesie isn't being naughty, that is...

The little lady!

Her to-die-for outfit my Mom and I got her way before she was even born. Technically it's for a 2 year old. Big girl! (She's just under 14 months)

I die.


-iced tea (first half unsweetened, second half I added stevia in the raw b/c I just bought it and wanted to try it out)
-mole larabar

-black bean burger with mustard, lettuce, and one random tomato slice
-sweet potato fries with ketchup
-pint of dos equis
-water with lemon

Movie Grill nite! Tuesdays are beer & burgers nite: $2 off each. Nice. We saw The Social Network. Not bad! I liked it. I am a facebook addict, naturally. :).

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