Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meeting Jenny McCarthy: 13 Years in the Making

October 6

-subway english muffin egg white & cheddar breakfast sandwich with spinach, tomato, green pepper, & mustard
-coffee with a lil hazelnut creamer

Pretty good, especially the coffee, actually. Not great or anything, but a FAR cry from yesterday. And it was basically free (the combo cost the same as just the sandwich!). I was going to get 'Bux, but can't pass up free stuff, duh.

Left work early, duh. But this time NOT for Miss K. We always take Wednesdays off. This time for lunch, errands, and Jenny!

-half of a grilled cheese sandwich
-cup of tomato basil soup
-few bites of pasta salad
-small side salad w/ balsamic
-a lil apricot iced tea

What's with me and grilled cheese lately? In my defense (not that I need any...), the menu boasted that this sandwich is so good people have dreamed about it. Eh. It was good, but nothing special *shrug* I think their grilled chicken sandwich is more dream worthy. But it was good. And the soup was great.

I FINALLY got a much, MUCH needed mani-pedi. My Dad said the color makes me look like a hooker. WTF, it's light purple. But I love it, thankyouverymuch. :-P.

In a local boutique...

Soon after, it was time to meet Jenny! She did a book signing at a local Barnes & Noble. That was open to anyone.

THEN, my Mom and I were invited to attend a post-signing, private cocktail party hosted by the Dallas Warrior Moms (I believe my Mom is one of them). AKA Mom's of children with Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorders (my brother has mild Aspergers Syndrome, if I haven't mentioned it). Um, sweet!

-2 vodka sodas
-about 5 sweet potato chips (2 of which had bean dip)

+ 1

I asked for (what was posted on the Jenny McCarthy party invite as) the signature Mexican Martini. The waitress came back and said they don't make that. What? I didn't make it up! And I noticed a few people did have margarita-looking martinis. Whatever, mine were prob less cals anyway. So there. But next time I'm asking for a drink menu.

Call me crazy, but I thought cocktail party implied no tables, maybe some chairs if people get tired, but mainly people walking around, eating from a table of food, a walk up bar, mingling, that sort of thing. Um. This was just set up like a regular old restaurant's private room. Everyone had tables (we had to squish 6 of us into a table for 4...). And service was slow.

Jenny was originally supposed to be there from 8-11. Then it changed to 9. She ended up only staying from 9:30-10. Kind of a let down, but it's ok. Especially considering the circumstances.

On a positive note, as soon as she got there, instead of sitting down (and therefore, only really being able to communicate with those at her table), she stood and talked, opened the floor for questions and comments, etc. After, she took photos with everyone who asked. There wasn't too much room for mingling with her, as most people just seemed to want photos. Or so it looked like. But it was cool to hear her talk, be that close to her, etc. Plus, I met her one-on-one at the signing, so it's not like I didn't get ANY time with her. So I'm definitely still glad I went. And feel grateful for the opportunity.

You see, as my title suggests, this has been a long time coming.

"Why?" you ask.

Well, when I was approximately 12, Jenny did her Candies shoe campaign. She also did a signing tour across the nation. When she came to Dallas, my brother, cousins and I BEGGED my parents to drive us to the mall to meet her and get her autograph (back before people cared more about pics). They refused. THE HORROR. But after hours of begging and pleading, my Dad ended up giving in. Only, we got there a mere 20 minutes AFTER she had already left. Oh, it was devastating! So close yet so far. Until now. I met her, bitches! I finally did it.

And so did le Mum

fast friends :-P

And let me tell you, she was amazing. Beautiful, sociable, and smart. She was so warm and genuine and really cares. You can just tell. Her hair is a lot darker in person than you'd think, even from how it photographs (it's a dark dark blonde), but otherwise she looks (more or less) exactly the same in person as on tv/photos. And she acts about the same too (although, that could be another act she puts on to please her followers, but somehow I don't think so).

Oh, and she blew me a kiss. OK, OK, so technically she sort of directed it at the entire crowd as an au revoir, but it was because I waved goodbye to her (she was standing about 1 foot from me and looking right at me) as she was on her way out, and she looked right at me when she did it. Oh yeah. ;)

Anyway, enough gushing. Just know she's great.

P.S. my brother was on the news today! Normally that would be the headline of my post, but alas celebs cancel out people you see every day, lol. Still very cool, though. Some of his art work was featured too! Go Ryan.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,224
Steps Taken: 4,227 (that sucks! prob b/c I wore 5.5 inch Louboutins for, oh, maybe 13 hours straight...)


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  1. What a day! And 5.5 inch Louboutins?! I'm impressed. I just couldn't do that.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway too :-).