Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Long Tuesday

October 19

-slice of whole grain toast with smart balance light + some jam from cafe brazil
-slice of whole grain toast with naturally more peanut butter & sliced banana
-2 egg white scramble with a littttle whipped cream cheese
-a few apple slices
-hazelnut iced coffee made with almond milk

I'm working from home today + taking care of my Dad. It took over an hour before I got to sit down to eat AFTER I told my Dad I NEEDED to eat right then. Busy, busy.

-the last bit of tuna salad
-the last bit of lemon hummus
-carrot sticks
-half of a brown rice tortilla
-a few sweet potato chips

-yogurt bowl (not a mess, because it was kinda pretty! First, I mixed pumpkin and stevia in the raw with greek yogurt, then I added a handful of homemade pumpkin granola, then I ripped up half of a warmed chocolate vitatop, and topped the whole thing with cinnamon)

Not as good as I hoped.

-side salad (organic mixed greens, goat cheese, cinnamon pecans, organic olive oil, organic balsamic)
-glass of riesling

About 45 min later...

-turkey sandwich (nitrite free turkey, sundried tomato & basil laughing cow cheese wedge, pesto, organic mixed greens, sliced tomato on whole grain bread)
-maple carrot fries with ketchup (tasted just like sweet potato fries)


I've been craving a good turkey sandwich for months now. I always try and guilt myself about it and try not to eat them since I really don't want to eat meat, but since I do eat some meat why not eat what I've really been wanting, right? Right. I don't know what my deal is.

I wanted a really good, seedy, gluten-free/yeast-free bread, but the store I went to didn't have any, sooo I just went with the bread my Mom bought last nite (that I also had for breakfast). Gluten-y & yeast-y, but great stats otherwise.

-handful of pumpkin granola
-orange slices
-a mini vosges chocolate bar

The granola isn't even that good, but it's still addictive. Ahhh.

& I forgot to take a pic of the orange, but surely you've seen one of those before ;)

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 10,372

OK, gotta go finish Teen Mom. 2 Hours. Wow.

P.S. Working from home is hard! Barking dogs, up & down the stairs, phone calls, a recovering Dad, blah blah blah. I'm spent!


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