Wednesday, October 27, 2010


October 26

-roasted fingerling potatoes
-a few bites of a yogurt mess (greek yogurt, pumpkin, stevia, maple sunrise cereal)
-crappy cup of smores & chocolate stevia french press (not strong enough or something & didn't quite fill the mug to the top)

good, but I longed for ketchup. Note to self: bring ketchup, mustard, and salad dressing to work. STAT.
How 'bout that lighting? LOL

Work for a few hours....

Kendyll for a few hours....


More kisses! I think I got at least 6 today, a new record. LOL.

returning a lil luvin'

She let me (well, more like made me lol) carry her around a lot too. She almost never likes me to carry her, I'm more of her couch, car, & floor play buddy. So that was cute. Surprisingly she didn't feel too heavy today, usually I want to cry after like...30 seconds. LOL. Weakling= me.

She was a bit of a hyper lady, but when isn't she? Well, this pic here proves how she wouldn't stay still.....


OK, OK, maybe a few times...

more kisses

riding her dog like a pony, LOL
strike a pose!

Last Pic I could manage before I passed out on the couch for like 15 minutes...

Don't worry, Kendyll was asleep too. I didn't abandon the lil lady! Actually, she slept for almost 2 hours! She's never slept past 1 hour before! Lots of new records today.

Oh, right. You're here for my food. My bad. Here we go:

-the rest of the yogurt mess topped with another handful of cereal (honey nut cheerios this time)
-small side salad (organic mixed greens, organic baby carrots, a lil goat feta crumbles, a lil light ranch)

-hot foods hot bar leftover from yesterday

My Mom & brother got Dairy Queen. I thought about a vanilla cone, but dug into my purse instead for....

-dried fruit energy bar (REALLY good)

not bad, not bad at all

My Mom picked a couple of these up for me at her pharmacy/health foodie place thinking I'd like them. She was right! I never would have bought them for myself, so I'm glad she took the initiative. Thanks, Mom!

-black bean burger with only half a bun, lettuce, tomato, & mustard
-side of fruit
-1 shiner bock

Mi Padre y I went to the movie grill (burger & beer nite!) to see Jackass 3D. LOL it's become our tradition to see all the Jackass movies. They're very scholarly, y'know. Riiight! But hey, not a bad way to waste a couple hours. Though I did find myself screaming "Nooooo" a few times and trying not to hide my eyes. LOL gross boys....

-the last of the vegan carrot cake slice

Guess my appetite is back lol. :-x

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,290
Steps Taken: 6,596


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