Saturday, October 2, 2010

Easy A

September 29

-wildberry buckwheat waffle with an organic veggie sausage on top

Fastest thing I could make and grab. Kind of bland, but better than nothing.

-black hot citrus tea (I forgot I drank this, thanks pic for the reminder lol)

We had a work visitor!


-packet of chocolate hazelnut butter with almond thins

Super good. I shamelessly tore the packet open and licked it clean. Justin's, you have redeemed yourself.

For lunch I brought a forgotten frozen meal, but it was HORRIBLE. 2 bites in and into the trash it went. Yuck. I didn't realize you could mess up italian food so badly.

doesn't exactly look like the box...

Left work early (when don't I lately?), picked up REAL FOOD, and went shopping while my Mom had her hair done. I got some more doggie pj's, books, children's dvds, among other things. Yay for wasting money on good deals.

-side greek salad sans dressing (because they didn't give me any, wtf oversight...they also forgot my mom's side item)
-medium black coffee (3/4 hazelnut, 1/4 dark roast)

What I really wanted was a Starbucks (when don't I?) and told myself not to order Panera coffee. So when I was asked what I wanted to drink what did I say? Coffee, naturally. Oh, me. It was good though.

-single serving pack of sabra roasted red pepper hummus & pretzel crisps

-cup of french onion soup

-part of an iced tea
-about 85% of a sam adams octoberfest beer

Once again, grazing allll day. Oops.

-chopped salad
-water with lemon

Went to the movie grill with my friend Melissa. We saw Easy A. It was pretty good!

-chocolate vitatop, vanilla ice cream, chocolate almond spread, cinnnnnamon

OMG so good. The almond butter makes it that much more delightful. I want another bowl. Stat.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 9,129

I still can't handle how cute her pj's are


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