Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dude, Where's My Appetite?

October 25

-overnite pumpkin oats with a few raisins, cacao nibs, & a heaping tsp of pb

My iPhone decided these pics weren't the right format. Despite being the ONLY format. Weirdo phone.

I wasn't really feeling food this morning, so I ate a few bites in the morning & finished it up in the early afternoon.

Left work early to see...

Awww. First time in a week and a half! *gasp*

She kissed me 4 times in a row, beat that ;).

Although she did also break the dvd shelf...ooops

-monterey jack & sundried tomato sun chips
-turkey wrap (brown rice tortilla, nitrite-free turkey, pesto, sundried tomato & basil laughing cow wedge, organic greens)
-iced tea

I always have to try the new sun chip flavors for some reason. These were a lil bland, but OK.

-a small side salad (organic greens, baby carrots, light ranch)


-1 hr treadmill

I really missed working out. I was worried I was gonna overdo it, but I think I did a-ok.

I had no appetite, but I ate a lil bit...

-side salad (organic greens, a few chunks of whole foods cumin & cilantro tofu, whole foods greek orzo pasta, drizzle of organic greek dressing with 2-3 almond thins crushed on top)
-dessert plate (part of a slice of vegan carrot cake, 1 or 2 bites of pumpkin pie, a sample of the new holiday ice creams: egg nog, pumpkin pie, & gingerbread cookie)

I actually put back most of the small sliver of pumpkin pie I cut myself (didn't like it) + about 2 bites of the carrot cake to save for later.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,739
Steps Taken: 15,086



  1. Such an adorable baby!! I remember when my little sister just started kissing. I used to bribe her so she would give me kisses lol

  2. Thanks! Aww that's funny/cute. I totally understand! :)