Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bad Stomach Day

October 22

-Grandy's breakfast buffet (fruit, cottage cheese, a couple bites of potatoes, scrambled eggs with gravy, grits, a few bites of oatmeal, large coffee with chocolate stevia)

didn't finish this plate + didn't really touch that eggroll-y thing, I just wanted to dissect it and see what it was, haha. Still not entirely sure...

My Dad had a (quick) photo shoot today. There is tentative talk about him being a before & after guy for a new diabetic food company. While nothing is set in stone, we've all been itching for him to get started (he couldn't really start losing weight until the initial photo shoot and it was making me nervous waiting around and watching him eat mediocrely (I don't think that's a word, lol), instead of having him motivated to help himself). However, he has lost a few lbs since being sick, so he asked if I'd go with him to the breakfast buffet at Golden Corrall riiiight before his photo shoot, to help bloat him up to look extra big for the pics LOL. I said sure, but when we got there the parking lot was pretty empty. Someone greeted us in the parking lot (kind of weird..) and asked if we were there for the defensive driving class. Er, nope. Turns out breakfast is only on the weekends. Bummer. Well, not really. I hate that place lol. Sooo, we ended up at Grandy's buffet right behind our office.

Ironically, only a few days earlier my Dad was getting Grandy's (roasted chicken at least lol) for lunch. He picked it up on our way into work though, so technically it was still breakfast time. Out of curiosity, I perused the breakfast buffet. I wasn't as disturbed as I intended to be lol, but definitely not impressed either. I said I didn't think it would ever make it into our Sunday breakast rounds. Fast forward to 8 days later and there we were, eating away. But hey, it was a Friday, so I still stuck my no-Sunday grounds LOL. I thought I'd be stuck with just a $10 plate of fruit & cottage cheese, as nothing else appealed to me. To be honest, aside from their giant apples, even the fruit wasn't too exciting, but I sampled a few other offerings. Normally I hate scrambled eggs and they hurt my stomach, but I went back for seconds on these. Probably a bad idea, and I did get a slight stomachache, but it was manageable.

Not that I needed one, but I was a little annoyed that their famous cinnamon rolls didn't appear to be included in the buffet. I remember going to eat there a couple times as a kid and that was the highlight of the buffet (and why people went in the first place!). Strange.

-tall soy one pump pumpkin spice misto

I totally did not need this (in fact, I reluctantly finished my first coffee, wishing I'd gone for the regular instead of large), but my Dad had to run out to buy a sandwich and Starbucks happens to be next door. I haven't had Starbucks in so long I don't even remember the last time, so I had to grab a little treat! I do think it's LAME they charge you for the syrup even if you only get 1 pump. Well, OK, charging is fine, but charging the same price as if you got the standard 3, 4, 5 pumps? Not cool! I'm so cheap.

-turkey sandwich (whole grain bread, nitrite-free turkey, garlic & herb laughing cow cheese wedge, pickle slices, organic mixed greens, mustard)

Ate late again, but it got the job done. Just filling enough to tide me over 'til my Mom and I went out to buy a new dining room table and get fabulous Greek for din-din!

-pita & hummus
-2 vegetarian dolmas
-sea bass in a lemony sauce with artichokes over orzo
-2 pieces of asparagus
-glass of greek white wine (the waiter rec'd it, but told me people either love it or hate it and he wouldn't be offended if I made a face and sent it back. Now, I love most wines aside from nasty Chardonnaynay, so I may be a bad judge, but I thought it was tasty, yet very mild. He said it was reallllly piny, which I didn't get at all *shrug*)


The fish was their special. Yummy. Couldn't finish it, but that's prob b/c of all the appetizers. And the fact that I was mainly concentrating on the orzo!

-half a smallish slice of tiramisu

Mediocre. I have recently discovered I am a huge tiramisu critic. So far I'm 0 for 2. Neither have enough lady finger-age or espresso flavoring.

My stomach hurt sooo badly. Not sure what it was :(. But it SUCKED.

Hence why I'm not posting this 'til today instead of last nite.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,282
Steps Taken: 9,163


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