Saturday, October 2, 2010

The 3,000 Calorie Day

September 28

That is calories BURNED not consumed. ;)


-32 minutes cross ramp

-sweet potato wafflewich with omega-enhanced better 'n eggs, organic veggie sausage, & maple syrup
-extra sweet potato waffle with chocolate almond butter
-a few organic strawberries & pineapple chunks (ew chunks is not a word that should be used to describe food)
-hazelnut iced coffee made with almond milk

my bad, had the toaster on a little too high

Yeah, my eyes were way bigger than my stomach. The waffles are technically 3 to a serving, so I thought I'd give it a try to try to fuel myself for an even longer than usual time. But nope, no go. I'll finish it later. I should have realized, considering I've been bragging that the wafflewich & fruit alone has been powering me through the entire morning and afternoon, but whatevs.

-finished most of the rest (my Mom stole some fruit)

I was looking at my blog entry from last week & saw the pei wei and it sounded really good to have for lunch again...

-ginger broccoli shrimp & tofu with brown rice
-grande soy pumpkin spice misto

Eh, the Pei Wei was not as good this time. And the Starbucks guy was SO frazzled. I ordered a venti, he gave me a grande. And he almost made it with 2% dairy milk before I reminded him it was soy.

-the rest of the ginger broccoli blah blah

Kendyll drove us to Target

To buy big girl pj's!

I think she liked the final decisions...

Time to go home!

Mmm, wa-wa

Ahhh, toofbrushes feel so good on growing girl teeth!

Being silly with Manda


Reesie loves me too :)

But all good times must come to an end, time to go home ourselves!

But first...

-small vanilla cone a la Dairy Queen


-little piece of brown bread leftover from my mom or brother's takeout Cheesecake Factory (luckies!!)
-2 feta artichoke fritters on top of organic greens, organic cherry tomatoes, with a little light all natural ranch

My mom semi-impulsively decided to have some handymen we know pull up all of our floors tomorrow, so I spent a couple hours packing stuff up in my room to help them out a little. Between that, working out, & Kendyll time I burned mad cals.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
3,035 (!!!!!! I DID IT)
Steps Taken: 18,286

Little Baby Boy



  1. Holy moly how did you burn that many?! Girl you must have been in constant movement! Great job!! And the puppy is way too cute!! Not to mention that ADORABLE child!!

  2. Yeah, chasing a baby around & going through boxes of old stuff is a great way to burn cals! Love that. But so tiring lol. & Thanks :)

  3. Oops sory the above comment is me (Amanda, lol), I forgot I was signed in as my work name, haha