Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Switch

September 13

-leftover egg white monterrey enchiladas, black beans, & potatoes

I had a feeling I shouldn't have eaten such a hearty breakfast, but didn't listen to my instincts. Yep, 3 hours later my Dad's usual Monday lunch session was canceled. Last week remember we decided anytime that happened we'd hit up the indian buffet? Yeah. I wasn't hungry at all, but I can't pass up an indian buffet!

-indian buffet

Oh so delicious. Albeit unnecessary.

I want to swim in a pool of tikka masala sauce with a naan raft and slurp my way through. Haha I'm insane.

Ryli brought us back souvenirs from her trip. So sweet. And hilariousss.

LOL she said after a few too many mimosas she decided my Dad needed Elvis shades. Well DUH, I agree. He put on a show for us. Heartbreak Hotel, to be exact. We have the fun office, yep yep.

THEN, my Dad's afternoon group got canceled. Usually we leave early-ish on Monday's anyway (6-ish, which, sadly, is an early closing time at our office), but we got to leave at 4:45ish. Nice! We tried to hit up the 4:55 showing of the American, but hit every red light, so we got to see the 5:15 The Switch instead. Shh, I really wanted to see that more anyway. I figured it would be cutesy and so-so, but it was better than I expected. Very sweet. Glad I finally saw it! Usually we go to a 7-8pm Monday movie, but this was nicer 'cause I was sooo tired, but got to see a movie & still had the evening to chill out.

We were both still STUFFED from lunch (and me probably breakfast too, LOL), so we just used our free dessert coupon we happened to have, instead of getting full meals. I wanted the chocolate chip cookies, but let my Dad choose...

-cup of coffee with truvia
-half of a super small molten cake with vanilla ice cream
-"water" ??

I'm normally into molten cake...who isn't? But this was no bueno. First off, it wasn't even hot. Which basically defeats the molten lava purpose, c'mon. My Dad didn't even know it had a center of chocolate. Second, this was probably for the better for us health-wise, but it was TINY. Now, had it been called a mini dessert or had it been $2.50 or so, fine, but this was normally $5.50. Crazy. & their other desserts are HUGE, but this was like 4 bites with the smallest scoop of ice cream I've ever seen. In a way I was relieved, because I was having a "fat day," and feeling bad about indulging, but still! The principle!

And that's not even the annoying part. OK, so I ordered for us while my Dad was in the restroom. I said 1 coffee, 1 water, and 1 diet dr. pepper. I said it clearly, the guy understood. It was a normal order. So you can imagine our shock when they bring us water and pepsi. Huh? We tell the guy diet dr. pepper. He comes back with a diet dr. pepper & a regular dr. pepper. Okaaaay? Then, I asked about my coffee and he said he'd bring it out in a sec. Ugh. That's fine, but I really wanted coffee to go with my dessert, but by this point the dessert was almost gone, for fear of the ice cream melting if I didn't start eating it. AND, when I took a sip of the water I became about 95% sure that it wasn't water-water, but flat club soda.

I don't get it. Did I mention that the theater was fairly empty too?

For dinner I wanted more roasted eggplant, but the eggplant I bought on Sunday still needed to ripen a little more, so..

-other roasted veggies (baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) topped with greek style hummus

Wished I'd had a littttle more, but it was good. I'm liking the roasted veggie thang. I forget I had wanted to also top it with mustard, but whatevs.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,058
Steps Taken: 5,025


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