Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunny Days Chasing the Clouds Away...

September 24

-gluten free wildberry wafflewich with omega-enhanced better 'n eggs, whipped cream cheese, maple syrup, organic veggie sausage (I'm dumb, I've been out of the maple flavored ones for awhile, these are just the plain organic, no wonder I keep adding extra maple syrup LOL)
-frozen grapes
-coffee w/ english toffee stevia (starbucks instant, not gonna lie. Brewing coffee at home in the morning in my house? Not gonna happen. Except maybe on Christmas. Speaking of which, 3 months and 1 day to go!!!!!!!)

This held me over for a LONG time. I ate it around 9:30 am, give or take. I didn't get a chance to eat again until nearly 3 pm. And that was just a snack, not even a meal. Yes, I was very hungry by then, but still. Good stuff. I don't know if I'd add the cream cheese again, b/c a.) I know it's a weird addition, but really because b.) I couldn't even taste it.

Was supposed to go to worky, as usual, but my mom begged me to watch Kendyll with her today (I am the car seat queen, after all) and my Dad agreed he could get by without me, so I did it. Not that my arm has to be twisted or anything, love that girl. I just wish I'd been able to at least work half a day to catch up. But I did get to catch up on a little tv before heading out for the day, so it's all good in my book :).


First, we got my Mom's allergy shot...that means back to the play room!

My Mom's fave nurse said KK was the cutest lil girl she's ever seen.

Then, frozen yogurt!

-frozen yogurt (original and green tea) with fruit and a few treats on top

We tried a new place, Cherry On Top. The toppings left a bit to be desired, but I still liked the place.

Kendyll got a little tired, so we nixed our other ideas (mall playground, for one) and went to the apartment for Sesame Street and food action.

Oh, and a lil lovin'


-grilled cheese on sourdough dipped in organic tomato soup (threw the rest of the tomato soup away. It was a great dipper, but too sweet as a soup on its own)

I also ate 2 or 3 bites of the grilled cheese I made for Kendyll on whole wheat that she didn't finish

She got so tired she was at the point where she could barely walk without falling with each step she attempted, but she would NOT take a nap. I think she slept maybe 5 minutes if at all before she alternated between screaming in her crib and playing in her crib, both while standing. I went in and gave her a fave blanket, but instead of settling down she just grabbed on to me and hugged me for dear life. I still didn't budge at first, but after minutes & minutes (& minutes) passed and she still was awake (and standing) I went and got her for more Sesame Street time.

Well, first we watched Na Na and Reesie (the dog) on their walk thru the window

I'm sure you can't tell, but we're looking out the window lol

Nowwwww time for Sesame Street


Her mommy came home shortly after and even she couldn't get her to sleep. She was in that mode where you're SO overly tired you can't sleep, so instead you're extra-extra hyper lol.

-shrimp roll dipped in peanut sauce
-shrimp cocktail
-1/2 a piece of salmon with chipotle butter
-small side salad (organic mixed greens, organic cherry tomatoes, baby bella mushrooms, organic olive oil, organic balsamic)
-sam adams octoberfest beer

Be still my shrimp loving heart ;).

-the rest of the snickers fudge bar from yesterday
-organic strawberries

Outfit of the Day:

I need to take a close up of the shoes sometime. Too. Cute.

My cousin, who I haven't seen in YEARS, is in town and wanted to meet for happy hour. That didn't work out, but we made Sunday dinner plans. I can't wait!

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 10,232



  1. What an adorable baby!! Oh my goodness she is way to cute. I love tomato soup and grilled cheese. If its too hot or soup, I dip my grilled cheese into ketchup. Theres just something about cheese and dipping into tomatoes I guess ;)

  2. Thanks :). She's my cousin's little girl. I don't really like most kids-lol kinda sad but true, but I love her so much! I'm sure you can see why, hehe

    My friend loves to dip grilled cheese into ketchup too. I'll have to try that sometime. I used to hate ketchup, but we've been bonding more lately (haha), so that sounds like it could be good.