Friday, September 24, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance, Dance, Dance

September 22

-half of a clif granola bar

Very good flavor, but crazy messy. Not a good on-the-go food.

-venti soy misto
-egg mcmuffin
-half of a strawberry banana smoothie

My Dad said he brought an extra Burger King egg mcmuffin wanna-be to work that I could have (he went to work briefly before me this morning). As soon as I got to work I turned right back around to pick up McDonalds. An egg mcmuffin does NOT have sausage. Sick. And the egg patty was scrambled. No thanks. How does my Dad not remember I HATE HATE sausage? Once I had it for dinner at a German restaurant and I threw up for 2 weeks straight. True story. OK, not straight, but every day, multiple times a day, for 2 weeks. Ugh.

Turns out, I'm now over Mickey D's authentic egg mcmuffins too. After making healthy mock versions nearly every day, the McDonalds ones taste artificial. And that smoothie? Well, the fact that I gave half away says it all. It too was too artificial tasting. Clean Eating FTW. Not that I've been eating so perfectly lately. I have got to stop going out to eat so much. It's hurting my stomach.

-the other half of the granola bar

-baked fish (forget what kind, rockfish, maybe?) with pesto & mushroom marinara over pasta with roasted tomatoes

Before I went out for the nite I busted into a few packages...

Meet the newest additions to my Louboutin family of lovers:

SUH-WOON, much? They might be my faves yet. See, there are perks to being inappropriately too old to live at home for no reason other than you actually like still living with your fam. Disposable income can go towards both ridiculously overpriced (beautiful, beautiful) shoes AND a savings account too. See, I have SOME priorities.

One shoe fits to perfection, the other is slightly tight. Ugh. Hoping a little stretch can be in order.

And now for hint two of my Halloween costume.

The coloring is slightly off (stupid ebay), but whatever. Come on guys, even ONE guess. Can I get someone to bite this time? Anyone, anyone, Bueller? :-P

After a very brief hair dress up sesh, I went to see So You Think You Can Dance on tour. It was great except for the annoying LOUD girls in front of us. They were even loud during the slow numbers. Rude. And when someone shushed them they just got more obnoxious.

Also, this large family had tickets next to us too, but they told us to move down one. That in and of itself is perfectly fine, no biggie, but just FYI, we were in our right seats in the first place. And they were kinda rude about it. Well, not rude, but acted like we sat in the wrong seats when we didn't. Whatever. After a little confusion we moved allll of our stuff (including half-full drinks and an open food container aka it was a bit of a hassle) to our new seats only to have the family move to another row not even 15 minutes later. HMPH!

Pre-Show Venue Noshing...

-slice of supreme pizza (took all the meat off, they didn't have plain veggie grr)
-red bull & vodka (sooo good)
-double champagne (lol never had the option for a double champs before)
-a few nachos (soggggggggy)

I almost got a sugar free red bull on the way to the venue, but couldn't go through with pumping myself full of aspartame water. Not that the real stuff is probably much better,'s better. And when combined with booze? Such a good combo. Doesn't even taste like alcohol. Kinda dangerous if you drink more than one. But in this case I stuck to the uno, and it helped me stay awake and pumped for the show.

Great nite!

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 6,721


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  1. Red bull and vodka reminds me of J term lol. Mmm haven't had one in ages. Love the new shoes, how many pairs of Louboutins do you have now, 10? lol ;) Def understand the living at home is a perk for money though. Unfortunately I'm saving $$$ to finally get a new car so no exciting shopping for me.