Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Skewed Results

September 7

My Dad was still too emotionally exhausted and distraught from yesterday to have any will to exercise, so we decided to forgo the gym this morning.

-4 glazed donut holes
-1 chocolate donut
-1 nonfat medium cappuccino (didn't realize 'til after I ordered they have pumpkin spice too, doh!!)

Our friend/receptionist, Ryli, brought us some donuts & kolaches for breakfast as a way to show us how sorry she was for our loss. Isn't that super sweet? I don't usually eat donuts, but why not?

Weee, sugar high!

-chick-fil-a nuggets w/ bbq & polynesian sauce
-waffle fries
-diet lemonade

Yeah, not the most prideful eating day, but at least I'm not lying about it...

I was supposed to go to lunch with Ryli + our Moms and had somewhat of a better lunch planned (spinach enchiladas), but at the last second my cousin couldn't get a babysitter, so I left work early (um, after 2 hours) and my Mom and I went over. Of course, my stupid Body Bugg ran out of memory, even though I had JUST checked it the day before and it said it had lots left. Annoying. So I have no real idea how many steps or cals I burned. I chased Kendyll around all day, so I imagine not too shabby. *shrug*

-medium fruit cup
-about 1/3 of a serving of all natural baked cheetoh puffs

-1 jelly donut hole
-3 vegetarian tacos (vegetarian refried beans, smashed avocado with lemon juice and a sprinkle of pink salt, santa fe rice, organic spinach, salsa, a littttle bit of crumbled goat cheese, and a dollop of organic light sour cream in hard corn shells)
-the last of the leftover roasted potatoes
-grapefruit sparkling water

Waaaaaait a second, something is missing...

Ahhhh, there we go.

I should have only had 2 tacos. I was STUFFED. And that donut hole? My Mom bought herself donuts and gave most to my brother. I saw the holes and had to have one. Oh boy.

Not even going into Body Bugg Stats because they're totalled skewed from the memory being full half of the day and not recording my most active times (so basically not skewed in my favor!! lol).


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