Saturday, September 18, 2010

Singing and Sparkling Wine

September 17

-brown rice gluten free eng muffin, 1 fried egg, kraft single, grey poupon
-sliced organic strawberries
-strawberry-banana smoothie
-organic green tea with stevia

After ruining 2 eggs (accidentally scrambled them instead of frying when I tried to flip them over, b/c I used the wrong pan...too lazy to clean the right one), I realized protein pancakes sounded amazing. But by then it was too late. But it was still a little different including the yolk, which I was in the mood for, and not just an egg white puff. Though I'm not sure it was any more filling. *shrug*

-venti soy misto

I got my halloween dress! It's not exactly character-accurate, but good enough. For those who don't know, I'm not gonna give it away yet, but send me guesses!! It's a movie character. That's all ya get. And if I've told you already, no spoilers :-P.

yep, only I would try on my costume and make someone take pics of me in it at work. Shh...

I was worried I wouldn't find a flattering red dress (especially not strapless) & it would all be ruined, but I think I did a pretty good job. And for only $16.99! I wanted to go to Marshalls, but in an odd twist of fate I ended up at Ross & they had a dress that fits me almost perfectly. And was the first one I tried on (not that it stopped me from trying on 6-7 more, but still. When you know you know). Fate, I tell ya. Now if only I had skinny arms. *SIGH*

There is another piece of the costume I bought on ebay too. That can be tomorrow's hint lol. Like anyone really cares :-P.

-a littttle bit of salad w/ grilled shrimpies (I basically just ate the shrimp and zucchini and picked out as many of the white beans as I could, the rest wasn't that good)
-hummus & homemade pita chips

After working (um, hardly at all), I FINALLY got my nails done. And eyebrows. Both were atrocious. I feel sooo much better.

-light cheese ravioli w/ marinara & a dollop of pesto

I am going CRAZY. Yet again this pic is missing. May be time for a new camera soon....


WTF now found this pic too a few days later...

-sparkling wine

Not exactly sure how much. Ryli's friends just kept my glass full is all I know :). My kinda people. My guess would be 3.5 glasses? Ryli performed at a local winery again. We saw her there once before in the Summer. Love it. Don't forget us when you're famous, Ryli ;). Going to see someone perform when you know them just makes the nite 1038484 X more fun!

-too much Kashi spinach mushroom pizza w/ extra marinara dumped on top

+ a little more :-x

Between my Dad, brother, and I we plowed through TWO of these pizzas. Mostly thanks to my Dad and I. Not. Necessary.

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  1. Sounds like a fun night! I definitely agree with the above. :-D ;) I get to see Justin, Brad and Joe (sadly not Phil) in their side project in a couple weeks, yayy can't wait.


  2. wtf that was supposed to copy the part about going to see someone you know, that's what I was referring to (like you couldn't tell lol)


  3. LOL sorry about a third comment :-x but it relates! The side project, Gayngs, is going to be on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon! Oct 4 I think. :)