Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rest in Peace, Blizzard. I love You.

Sorry if I've been confusing lately by changing the dates of my posts. Somehow I got off a day or two and confused myself! :-P. I think it's all good now. Hopefully.

Sept 6


-5 min treadmill
-weights (arms & legs)
-5 min treadmill

-half of a cookies & cream luna bar

-indian buffet
-most of a small mango lassi

+ about 1/2 a plate more, haha Oink.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. SO good. Especially the suji halwa. I'd never had it before, but it is gooood. It looked gross, but oh my heck, lol. It's like a really sugary cream of wheat. Mmm. All of it was great tho. Usually my Dad has a patient he goes to lunch with on Monday's and it also happens to be the day the indian place behind our office has their $5.99 lunch buffet. He said anytime the patient cancels we can go. CANCEL EVERY WEEK, DUDE. LOL jk. Kinda.

It was a slowwww day because of Labor Day. Half the people didn't even show up, so we left a little after 3. I went with my Mom to Borders, Gap, and to get fro-yo

-a few bites of frozen yogurt w/ toppings

As we were on our way home my Dad called us from the house (he left about the same time as us, surprisingly. He never leaves early) and he told us Blizzard wasn't doing so well. He was thinking we should maybe think about putting him to sleep the next morning. As soon we got home, we all decided it was probably time right then. He was having trouble walking, wasn't eating, etc. Basically, how he'd been for the last couple days, but it was obvious he wasn't improving and was about to be to the point of cruel to keep him alive just for our sake, you know?

It was extremely upsetting. My brother didn't think he could come with us, so he spent a good 20 minutes with Blizzard and then we took him into the emergency clinic. They let us spend time with him and they were very, very kind. My Dad cried so hard I thought he might kill himself (not on purpose, but by giving himself a heart attack or something). It was awful. But now he's not in pain anymore. We all still really miss him, of course. I just hope our other deceased dogs met him when he passed.

Rest in Peace, Big Guy. You were wonderful. Thank you for 14 great years (13 of which you spent with us).

Miss you so much already.

We all just moped around the rest of the afternoon/evening. Very sad.

Eventually I made some food....

-2.5 oz pasta with a strognoff-y (i.e. sour cream and greek yogurt) sauce with spinach, basil, & sundried tomatoes
-organic raw spinach with cinnamon pecans, organic olive oil, and organic balsamic

-the rest of the yogurt (barely touched it before, too upset about deciding what to do with poor Blizzy)

& my Mom and I watched the Real Housewives Reunion Part 2 & Jackie Warner's Thintervention.

I was drained, so I went to bed at 11-ish, all snuggled up with Bella.

Hard day.


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  1. oh big guy seeing your pics now just broke my heart all over again.