Thursday, September 23, 2010

Picture Heavy Monday: The Beginning of Another Long Week

September 20


-4 min treadmill
-chest & back

-venti soy misto

-egg mcmuffin

-veggie straws

Went to work in the morning for a few hours & then went to help out with Miss KK. We shared lunch her mama prepared.

-chicken and rice (but only a tiny bit of chicken)

Then, we went to get my Mom's allergy shot.

The allergy place = very kid friendly....

& then we went grocery shopping.

Needed a little afternoon pick me up...

-iced grande soy toffee mocha latte

Um. So yay for $2 treat receipts. It was good, but WAY WAY too sweet. I didn't taste coffee flavor at all. It tastes just like chocolate milk. Kinda like those Burger King Mochas.

Got back to the apt and played to burn off the sugar.

LOL she posed like that for about 2 minutes until I took her pic. SO cute.

So I posed too...

So why not pose together some more?

Hi Great Aunt, Na-na!

Time to go home.

In the car...

-spicy california roll w/ brown rice

Pretty good for grocery store sushi *shrug*

-chopped salad sans bacon
-water with lemon
-2 bites of an italian chicken sandwich
-a few handfuls of sweet potato fries

Saw the American at the movie grill. It was interesting. Not much dialogue, not much action. But OK. Yep.

-healthy peach cobbler with all natural vanilla bean ice cream & lots of cinnamon

OMG, YES. Much better with vanilla ice cream. Yum. Since peach season is coming to an end I'm wondering if frozen peaches will work as a fall substitute?

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,596
Steps Taken: 10,043


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